• Modular Pico-hydropower System for Remote Himalayan Villages 

      Zahnd, Alex; Stambaugh, Mark; Jackson, Derek; Gross, Thomas; Hugi, Christoph; Sturdivant, Rick; Yeh, James; Sharma, Subodh (2018-01)
      Transition Towards 100% Renewable Energy
      Remote, high-altitude villages in the Nepalese Himalayas belong to the poorest and most underdeveloped communities in Nepal, with many still years/decades away from access to electricity. It is common that first-time ...
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    • Potential of biogas production to reduce firewood consumption in remote high-elevation Himalayan communities in Nepal 

      Gross, Thomas; Zahnd, Alex; Adhikari, Suman; Kaphre, Abhishek; Sharma, Subodh; Baral, Bivek; Kumar, Sunil; Hugi, Christoph (2017-08-25)
      Renew. Energy Environ. Sustain
      Remote communities in the Nepalese mountains above 2500 m a.s.l. belong to the most precarious in the world. Inhabitants struggle for the minimum in terms of safe drinking water, food and sanitation. Reliable, affordable ...
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