• Machine learning detects anti-DENV signatures in antibody repertoire sequences 

      Horst, Alexander; Smakaj, Erand; Natali, Eriberto; Tosoni, Deniz David; Babrak, Lmar; Meier, Patrick; Miho, Enkelejda (2021-10-11)
      Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence
      Dengue infection is a global threat. As of today, there is no universal dengue fever treatment or vaccines unreservedly recommended by the World Health Organization. The investigation of the specific immune response to ...
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    • Prospective artificial intelligence to dissect the dengue immune response and discover therapeutics 

      Natali, Eriberto; Babrak, Lmar; Miho, Enkelejda (2021-06-15)
      frontiers in immunology
      Dengue virus (DENV) poses a serious threat to global health as the causative agent of dengue fever. The virus is endemic in more than 128 countries resulting in approximately 390 million infection cases each year. Currently, ...
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    • RWD-Cockpit. Application for quality assessment of real-world data 

      Degen, Markus; Babrak, Lmar; Smakaj, Erand; Agac, Teyfik; Asprion, Petra; Grimberg, Frank; Van der Werf, Daan; Van Ginkel, Erwin Willem; Tosoni, Deniz David; Clay, Ieuan; Brodbeck, Dominique; Natali, Eriberto; Schkommodau, Erik; Miho, Enkelejda (2022-10-18)
      JMIR formative research
      Digital technologies are transforming the health care system. A large part of information is generated as real-world data (RWD). Data from electronic health records and digital biomarkers have the potential to reveal ...
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