• eResearch2020: The Role of e-Infrastructures in the Creation of Global Virtual Research Communities. Final Report. Report to the European Commission 

      Hüsing, Tobias; Robinson, Simon; Barjak, Franz; Bendel, Oliver; Wiegand, Gordon; Eccles, Kathryn; Meyer, Eric; Schroeder, Ralph; Kertcher, Zack; Coslor, Erica (2010)
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    • The Future of e-Research Infrastructures 

      Schroeder, Ralph; Meyer, Eric; Eccles, Kathryn; Kertcher, Zack; Barjak, Franz; Hüsing, Tobias; Robinson, Simon (2009-06-25)
      In this paper, we present selected results of a systematic study of different types of e-Research infrastructures. The paper is based on ongoing research to compare a range of e-Infrastructures of broad diversity focusing ...
      06 - Präsentation
    • The Emerging Governance of E-Infrastructure 

      Barjak, Franz; Eccles, Kathryn; Meyer, Eric; Robinson, Simon; Schroeder, Ralph (2013)
      Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication
      The paper studies the transition to ICT-based support systems for scientific research. These systems currently attempt the transition from the project stage to the more permanent stage of an infrastructure. The transition ...
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