• Expanding the potential of the solvent-assisted method to create bio-interfaces from amphiphilic block copolymers 

      Di Leone, Stefano; Vallapurackal, Jaicy; Yorulmaz Avsar, Saziye; Kyropolou, Myrto; Ward, Thomas; Palivan, Cornelia; Meier, Wolfgang (2021-06-09)
      Artificial membranes, as materials with biomimetic properties, can be applied in various fields, such as drug screening or bio-sensing. The solvent-assisted method (SA) represents a straightforward method to prepare lipid ...
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    • Tailoring a solvent-assisted method for solid-supported hybrid lipid–polymer membranes 

      Di Leone, Stefano; Kyropoulou, Myrto; Köchlin, Julian; Wehr, Riccardo; Meier, Wolfgang P.; Palivan, Cornelia G. (2022-05-17)
      Combining amphiphilic block copolymers and phospholipids opens new opportunities for the preparation of artificial membranes. The chemical versatility and mechanical robustness of polymers together with the fluidity and ...
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