• Influence of microarchitecture on osteoconduction and mechanics of porous titanium scaffolds generated by selective laser melting 

      de Wild, Michael; Zimmermann, Simon; Rüegg, Jasmine; Schumacher, Ralf; Fleischmann, Thea; Ghayor, Chafik; Weber, Franz E. (2016)
      3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing
      Bone regeneration is naturally based on bone forming cells, osteoinduction by diverse growth factors, and osteoconduction. The latter one used as term in this study is the ingrowth of bone in 3D structures, which leads ...
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    • Lattice Microarchitecture for Bone Tissue Engineering from Calcium Phosphate Compared to Titanium 

      Chen, Tse-Hsiang; Ghayor, Chafik; Siegenthaler, Barbara; Schuler, Felix; Rüegg, Jasmine; de Wild, Michael; Weber, Franz E. (2018-10)
      Tissue Engineering. Part A
      Additive manufacturing of bone tissue engineering scaffolds will become a key element for personalized bone tissue engineering in the near future. Several additive manufacturing processes are based on extrusion where the ...
      01A - Beitrag in wissenschaftlicher Zeitschrift
    • Mechanical anisotropy of titanium scaffolds 

      Weber, Franz E.; de Wild, Michael; Rüegg, Jasmine; Schumacher, Ralf (2017)
      Current Directions in Biomedical Engineering
      The clinical performance of an implant, e.g. for the treatment of large bone defects, depends on the implant material, anchorage, surface topography and chemistry, but also on the mechanical properties, like the stiffness. ...
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    • Osteoconductive Lattice Microarchitecture for Optimized Bone Regeneration 

      de Wild, Michael; Ghayor, Chafik; Zimmermann, Simon; Rüegg, Jasmine; Nicholls, Flora; Schuler, Felix; Chen, Tse-Hsiang; Weber, Franz E. (2018-06)
      3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing
      Selective laser melting (SLM) is one methodology to realize additive manufacturing and is mainly used to join metal powder in a layer-by-layer manner to produce a solid three-dimensional (3D) object. For bone tissue ...
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