• Self-assembly and magnetic order of bi-molecular 2D spin lattices of M(II,III) Phthalocyanines on Au(111) 

      Liu, Xiunshan; Popova, Olha; Girovsky, Jan; Nowakowski, Jan; Rossmann, Harald; Nijs, Thomas; Moradi, Mina; Mousavi, Fatemeh; Plumb, Nicholas; Radovic, Milan; Ballav, Nirmalya; Dreiser, Jan; Decurtins, Silvio; Pasti, Igor; Skorodumova, Natalia; Liu, Shi-Xia; Jung, Thomas A; Baljozovic, Milos (2021-08-19)
      Single layer low-dimensional materials are presently of emerging interest, including in the context of magnetism. In the present report, on-surface supramolecular architecturing was further developed and employed to create ...
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    • Two-dimensional calix[4]arene-based metal-organic coordination networks of tunable crystallinity 

      Moradi, Mina; Tulli, Ludovico; Nowakowski, Jan; Jung, Thomas A; Shahgaldian, Patrick; Baljozovic, Milos (2017-11-13)
      Angewandte Chemie, International Edition
      A flexible and versatile method to fabricate two-dimensional metal–organic coordination networks (MOCNs) by bottom-up self-assembly is described. 2D crystalline layers were formed at the air–water interface, coordinated ...
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