• Coding and Counting- Frequency Analysis for Group Interaction 

      Rack, Oliver; Zahn, Carmen; Mateescu, Magdalena (2018)
      The Cambridge Handbook of Group Interaction Analysis
      The basic idea of this chapter is to provide an introduction to the design and conduct of frequency analysis for group research. Frequency analysis has been commonly used for decades in several disciplines and fields of ...
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    • TINT – a Technique for Visualizing Team Processes 

      Koch, Julia; Ritz, Frank; Kleindienst, Cornelia; Brüngger, Jonas (2018-09)
      Cambridge handbook of group interaction analysis
      The present chapter focuses on the description of TINT (Team INTeraction), a technique that allows capturing and visualizing team processes throughout their development in time by taking collective, complex, dynamic, and ...
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