• Bioleaching and toxicity of metallurgical wastes 

      Potysz, Anna; Lenz, Markus; Hedwig, Sebastian (2020-09-09)
      Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering
      Metallurgical wastes contain metals that are unrecovered during industrial processing. The disposal of these wastes is technically difficult due to the potential release of metals through weathering. Therefore, alternative ...
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    • Layer-by-layer membrane modification allows scandium recovery by nanofiltration 

      Remmen, Kirsten; Lenz, Markus; Hedwig, Sebastian; Wintgens, Thomas (2019-07)
      Environmental Science: Water Research & Technology
      Aluminium scandium (Sc) alloys are stronger, more corrosion resistant and more heat tolerant than classical aluminium alloys and allow for 3D printing. In particular, the aerospace industry benefits from better fuel efficiency ...
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    • Nanofiltration-enhanced solvent extraction of scandium from TiO acid waste 

      Yagmurlu, Bengi; Huang, Danyu; von Arx, Oliver; Dittrich, Carsten; Constable, Edwin C.; Friedrich, Bernd; Hedwig, Sebastian; Lenz, Markus (2022-04-27)
      ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering
      Scandium is a critical raw material with a technological potential to reduce transportation costs and CO2 emissions. However, global supply and market adoption are crucially impaired by the lack of high-grade Sc ores and ...
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    • Rapid metal mobilisation through litter, water and bioweathering as the legacy of historical copper smelting 

      Potysz, Anna; Hedwig, Sebastian; Lenz, Markus (2019-11)
      Journal of Geochemical Exploration
      Though activities have long ceased, historical mining sites may continue to represent a risk to the environment and human health through long-time leaching processes. This study was undertaken to assess the immediate ...
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    • Recovery of scandium from acidic waste solutions by means of polymer inclusion membranes 

      Hedwig, Sebastian; Kraus, Manuel; Amrein, Meret; Stiehm, Johannes; Constable, Edwin C.; Lenz, Markus (2022)
      Scandium is a raw material with properties that promise considerable potential for application in alloys to enable aviation fuel savings and as dopants for use in sustainable energy production using solid oxide fuel cells. ...
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    • Sulfur amino acid status controls selenium methylation in pseudomonas tolaasii. Identification of a novel metabolite from promiscuous enzyme reactions 

      Liu, Ying; Hedwig, Sebastian; Schäffer, Andreas; Lenz, Markus; Martinez, Mathieu (2021-05-26)
      Applied and Environmental Microbiology
      Selenium (Se) deficiency affects many millions of people worldwide, and the volatilization of methylated Se species to the atmosphere may prevent Se from entering the food chain. Despite the extent of Se deficiency, little ...
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