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    • A market-based smart grid approach to increasing power grid capacity without physical grid expansion 

      Bagemihl, Joachim; Boesner, Frank; Riesinger, Jens; Künzli, Michael; Wilke, Gwendolin; Binder, Gabriela; Wache, Holger; Laager, Daniel; Breit, Jürgen; Wurzinger, Michael; Zapata, Juliana; Ulli-Beer, Silvia; Layec, Vincent; Stadler, Thomas; Stabauer, Franz (2018-02-01)
      The continuous increase of competitiveness of renewable energy in combination with the necessity of fossil fuel substitution leads to further electrification of the global energy system and therefore a need for large-scale ...
    • An Agent-based Model for Simulating Smart Grid Innovations 

      Wache, Holger; Schädler, Philippe; Merelli, Emanuela (IEEE Computer Society, 2018)
      In order to derive indicators for the future grid and market stability, in this paper an agent-based model is intro- duced, to simulate various scenarios. This includes new market designs, market mixes, emerging technological ...
    • AI meets Business Rules and Business Process Management. 

      Hinkelmann, Knut; Wache, Holger (2008-01-01)
      Business rules and business process management are growing research and application areas for semantic technologies. While both areas make use of model driven knowledge representations?often in conjunction with ...
    • Capturing Customers' Requirements towards Mixed-Tenancy Deployments of SaaS-Applications 

      Ruehl, S.T.; Wache, Holger; Verclas, S.A.W. (IEEE Computer Society Press, 2013)
      whose basic idea is to provide applications to the customer on demand over the Internet. In contrast to similar but older approaches, SaaS promotes multi-tenancy as a tool to exploit economies of scale. This means that a ...
    • Case-based configurator for open-source ERP 

      Lafranchi, Lawrence (2014)
      This project investigates, whether or not a proposed case-based configurator for the configuration and deployment of Tryton ERP for SMEs in Switzerland could bring any advantages compared with existing software configurators ...
    • Classification of Economic Approaches for Smart Grid 

      Vogler, S.; Keller, C.; Manser, D.; Wache, Holger (IEEE Computer Society Press, 2015)
      Abstract—Several European countries are increasingly focusing on renewable energy in order to satisfy their demand. A core problem of these sources is their reliability, which means less continuously available energy is ...
    • Cloud Broker: Bringing Intelligence into the Cloud - An Event-Based Approach. 

      Tripathi, Uttam Kumar; Wache, Holger (2010-07-05)
    • Degenerazione maculare umida: conoscerla per poterla accettare 

      Hüsler, Stephan; Wache, Holger (Retina Suisse, 2014-06-01)
    • DYNE 

      Wache, Holger; Wilke, Gwendolin; Schaaf, Marc
    • Energy saving in smart homes based on consumer behaviour data 

      Zehnder, Michael (2015-01-31)
      This paper discusses how energy can be saved in smart homes without lowering the comfort of the inhabitants, based on consumer behaviour data only. A recommender system was designed, that suggests actions for inhabitants ...
    • Energy Trading in the Smart Stability Network 

      Mettler, Fabian (2015-01-30)
      The current implementation of the electrical grid has not changed since the last 50 years and due to the increase of energy demand the stability of the electrical grid is strongly affected which can result in power c ...
    • Enterprise Architecture for Cloud Computing 

      Aureli, L.; Pierfranceschi, Arianna; Wache, Holger (IEEE Computer Society Press, 2012)
      In this paper we describe an approach to graphically externalize the cloud potential of a company, considering ist architectural description. For this purpose it is shown how current architectural description can be extended, ...
    • Enterprise Architecture Frameworks for Enabling Cloud Computing. 

      Tripathi, Uttam Kumar; Wache, Holger; Ebneter, Daniel; Stella Gatziu Grivas (2010-08-26)
      Cloud computing has emerged as a strong factor driving companies to remarkable business success. Far from just being an IT level support solution cloud computing is triggering changes in their core business models by making ...
    • Intelligent Dynamic Load Management Based on Solar Panel Monitoring 

      Wilke, Gwendolin; Schaaf, Marc; Wache, Holger; Gatziu Grivas, Stella; Ryter, Remo; Mikkola, Topi; Bun, Eric (2014-04-04)
    • Knowledge Engineering Rediscovered: Towards reasoning Patterns for the Semantic Web. 

      van Harmelen, Frank; ten Teije, Annette; Wache, Holger (2009-01-01)
      The extensive work on Knowledge Engineering in the 1990s has resulted in a systematic analysis of task-types, and the corresponding problem solving methods that can be deployed for different types of tasks. That analysis ...
    • Learning frequent and periodic usage patterns in smart homes 

      Schweizer, Daniel (2014-01-31)
      This paper discusses how usage patterns and preferences of smart home inhabitants can be learned efficiently. Such patterns as a baseline of what constitutes normal behavior of inhabitants allows future smart homes to ...
    • Load Control in Real Time Price Prediction 

      Account, Thesis MSC BIS; Arsi, Irisa (2017-06-20)
      Switzerland’s electricity consumption in 2014 was 59.3 TWh (Abrell, 2016) and continues to rise every year. As residential needs for electrical energy increase, so does the demand (Abrell, 2016; Filippini, 2011; IEA, 2012; ...
    • Multi-agent based simulation of smart building cluster for electric grid stabilization 

      Hall, Monika; Geissler, Achim; Wache, Holger (2019-11-21)
      With the increasing number of photovoltaic systems and heat pumps in buildings existing substations of the electric grid could be overloaded. A multi-agent based simulation of a building cluster studies the impact of ...
    • Neue Verfahren für die demokratische Stadtentwicklung 

      Degenhardt, Barbara; Gatziu Grivas, Stella; Hollenstein, Daria; Klammer, Julia; Müller, Hannes; Neuhaus, Fabian; Racine, Jérôme; Stark, Hans-Jörg; Van den Anker, Fred; Wache, Holger; Weiss, Stephanie
      Heute gehört zu öffentlichen Bau- und Entwicklungsprojekten in jeder Gemeinde neben dem formellen auch ein informeller Beteiligungsprozess, der vor allem auf den Einbezug der breiten Bevölkerung und die Förderung einer ...
    • Poster Abstract: SmartStability - A multi-agent simulation environment for flexibility trading in households 

      Wache, Holger; Künzli, Michael; Schulz, Nicola; Bichsel, Jürg; Hall, Monika (2018-02-01)
      The increasing number of volatile energy sources, such as solar power plants, challenges the power network operators, the energy brokers as well as the electricity market actors. In this work, a multi-agent based approach ...