• The energy consumption of radiology. Energy- and cost-saving opportunities for CT and MRI operation 

      Heye, Tobias; Knoerl, Roland; Wehrle, Thomas; Mangold, Daniel; Cerminara, Alessandro; Loser, Michael; Plumeyer, Martin; Merkle, Elmar; Degen, Markus; Lüthy, Rahel; Brodbeck, Dominique (2020-03-24)
      Background Awareness of energy efficiency has been rising in the industrial and residential sectors but only recently in the health care sector. Purpose To measure the energy consumption of modern CT and MRI scanners ...
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    • ICU Cockpit: a platform for collecting multimodal waveform data, AI-based computational disease modeling and real-time decision support in the intensive care unit 

      Boss, Jens Michael; Narula, Gagan; Straessle, Christian; Willms, Jan; Suter, Susanne; Buehler, Christof; Muroi, Carl; Mack, David Jule; Seric, Marko; Baumann, Daniel; Keller, Emanuela; Azzati, Jan; Brodbeck, Dominique; Lüthy, Rahel (2022-05-13)
      Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association
      ICU Cockpit: a secure, fast, and scalable platform for collecting multimodal waveform data, online and historical data visualization, and online validation of algorithms in the intensive care unit. We present a network of ...
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