• Biodeterioration affecting efficiency and lifetime of plastic-based photovoltaics 

      Schmidt, Felix; Lenz, Markus; Schaeffer, Andreas; Zimmermann, Yannick; Alves dos Reis Benatto, Gisele; Kolvenbach, Boris; Krebs, Frederik (2020-09-16)
      The low environmental impact of electricity generation using solar cells crucially depends on high energy-conversion efficiencies, long lifetimes and a minimal energy and material demand during production. Emerging thin-film ...
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    • Renewable Energy from Finite Resources: Example of Emerging Photovoltaics 

      Schmidt, Felix; Schaeffer, Andreas; Lenz, Markus (2020)
      Renewable energies, such as sunlight, wind and geothermal heat, are resources that are replaced rapidly by natural processes. However, wind, hydro and solar installations strictly require raw materials that are, in fact, ...
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