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    • A Case Modelling Language for Process Variant Management in Case-based Reasoning 

      Cognini, Riccardo; Hinkelmann, Knut; Martin, Andreas (2015)
      AdaptiveCM 2015 – 4th International Workshop on Adaptive Case Management and other non-workflow approaches to BPM
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    • A new Retrieval Function for Ontology-Based Complex Case Descriptions 

      Emmenegger, Sandro; Lutz, Jonas; Witschel, Hans Friedrich; Martin, Andreas (2015)
      Proceedings of CBR-MD'15, 2015
      This work focuses on case-based reasoning in domains where cases have complex structures with relationships to an arbitrary number of other (potentially complex and structured) entities and where case characterisations ...
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    • A viewpoint-based case-based reasoning approach utilising an enterprise architecture ontology for experience management 

      Martin, Andreas; Emmenegger, Sandro; Hinkelmann, Knut; Thönssen, Barbara (2016-03-28)
      Enterprise Information Systems
      The accessibility of project knowledge obtained from experiences is an important and crucial issue in enterprises. This information need about project knowledge can be different from one person to another depending on the ...
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    • Agile Process Execution with KISSmir 

      Brun, Roman; Martin, Andreas (2010-06-03)
      In this paper, we describe an approach for agile business process execution and its developed prototype. In a rapidly changing environment an enterprise must be flexible and able to quickly react. Traditional business ...
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    • An Ontology-based and Case-based Reasoning supported Workplace Learning Approach 

      Emmenegger, Sandro; Thönssen, Barbara; Laurenzi, Emanuele; Martin, Andreas; Zhang Sprenger, Congyu; Hinkelmann, Knut; Witschel, Hans Friedrich (2016)
      Communications in Computer and Information Science
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    • Applying Organizational Learning to Enterprise Knowledge Maturing 

      Martin, Andreas; Brun, Roman (2009-09-04)
      We first describe the state of the art of organizational learning, mentioning the theories and types of it. The need of organizational learning, contributing processes and the main processes are further explained. Various ...
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    • Integrating an Enterprise Architecture Ontology in a Case-Based Reasoning Approach for Project Knowledge 

      Martin, Andreas; Emmenegger, Sandro; Wilke, Gwendolin (2013-11-08)
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    • Mining of Agile Business Processes 

      Brander, Simon; Hinkelmann, Knut; Martin, Andreas; Thönssen, Barbara (2011-03-21)
      Proceedings of the AAAI 2011 Spring Symposium
      Organizational agility is a key challenge in today's business world. The Knowledge-Intensive Service Support approach tackles agility by combining process modeling and business rules. In the paper at hand, we present five ...
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    • Refining Process Models through the Analysis of Informal Work Practice 

      Brander, Simon; Hinkelmann, Knut; Hu, Bo; Martin, Andreas; Riss, Uwe; Thönssen, Barbara; Witschel, Hans Friedrich (2011)
      The work presented in this paper explores the potential of leveraging the traces of informal work and collaboration in order to improve business processes over time. As process executions often differ from the original ...
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    • Support Knowledge Intensive Work with Semantic Technologies 

      Brun, Roman; Martin, Andreas (2009)
      IBIC'09 International Business Informatics Challenge and Conference 2009
      This paper introduces an approach to support knowledge intensive work with semantic technologies by semantically enriching processes and then applying reasoning techniques on them. Further, the proposed use cases show the ...
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    • Wissensarbeit ist nicht Routinearbeit: Prozesse - Zwängerei für Wissensarbeitende 

      Martin, Andreas (2013)
      Unternehmer Zeitung
      Um heutzutage erfolgreich zu sein, genügt es nicht mehr, nur Daten zu managen und Prozesse zu beschreiben heute und in Zukunft muss Wissensarbeit gezielt gefördert werden.
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