• A Biocatalytic Nanomaterial for the Label-Free Detection of Virus-Like Particles 

      Sykora, Sabine; Correro, Maria Rita; Moridi, Negar; Belliot, Gaël; Pothier, Pierre; Dudal, Yves; Corvini, Philippe; Shahgaldian, Patrick (2017)
      The design of nanomaterials that are capable of specific and sensitive biomolecular recognition is an on-going challenge in the chemical and biochemical sciences. A number of sophisticated artificial systems have been ...
    • Virus-like particles as virus substitutes to design artificial virus-recognition nanomaterials 

      Sykora, Sabine; Belliot, Gaël; Pothier, Pierre; Cumbo, Alessandro; Arnal, Charlotte; Dudal, Yves; Corvini, Philippe; Shahgaldian, Patrick (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2015-01-05)
      Functional recognition imprints of virus-like particles, at the surface of silica particles, were generated following a strategy based on protein-templated polycondensation of organosilanes.