• Errors and mistakes in child protection: understandings and responsibilities 

      Biesel, Kay; Cottier, Michelle (2020-03)
      Errors and mistakes in child protection: International discourses, approaches and strategies
      This chapter provide an overview and discussion of some of the key concepts and issues on errors and mistakes in child protection. It discuss different definitions on errors and mistakes and the most discussed approaches ...
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    • Participation of Children and Parents in the Swiss Child Protection System in the Past and Present: An Interdisciplinary Perspective 

      Schoch, Aline; Aeby, Gaëlle; Müller, Brigitte; Cottier, Michelle; Biesel, Kay; Sauthier, Gaëlle; Schnurr, Stefan (2020-08-18)
      Social Sciences
      As in other European countries, the Swiss child protection system has gone through substantial changes in the course of the 20th century up to today. Increasingly, the needs as well as the participation of children and ...
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