Loosli, Stefan

Loosli, Stefan


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    Nonverbal behavior of interviewers influences the competence ratings of observers in recruitment interviews: a study investigating social influence using 360‑degree videos with virtual reality and 2D screen displays
    (Springer, 2022) Wyssenbach, Thomas; Zeballos, Melina; Loosli, Stefan; Schwaninger, Adrian [in: Virtual Reality]
    This study examined whether an interviewer’s nonverbal behavior influences observers’ competence ratings in a recruitment interview using 360-degree videos experienced with immersive virtual reality (VR-cardboard) and 2D screen displays. Participants (n = 110) observed a recruitment interview and assessed three competences of the applicant (behavior in a team, customer care, and sales skill). We used a 2 × 2 design with the nonverbal behavior (positive vs. negative) of the interviewer and display type (VR-cardboard vs. 2D screen display) as between-subjects factors. After observing interview sequences and providing competence ratings, participants also rated different aspects of immersion using the augmented reality immersion questionnaire (ARI; Georgiou and Kyza in Int J Hum Comput Stud 98: 24–37, 2017) and their overall satisfaction with the experience. For two of the three competences (customer care and behavior in a team), we found that observers gave higher competence ratings when the interviewer’s nonverbal behavior was positive compared to when it was negative. This social influence effect was similar for 360-degree videos experienced with immersive VR and 2D screen displays. VR resulted in higher immersion than 2D screen displays regarding the dimensions of flow and presence. Our results suggest that the ARI questionnaire can be used to reliably assess 360-degree videos experienced with immersive VR and 2D screen displays.
    01A - Beitrag in wissenschaftlicher Zeitschrift