Temesvary, Zsolt

Temesvary, Zsolt


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    Beyond the state. Developments and trends in critical social work in Switzerland and Hungary
    (SAGE, 04.03.2022) Temesvary, Zsolt; Drilling, Matthias [in: International Social Work]
    This article examines the developments and current trends in the practice of critical social work in Hungary and Switzerland based on the international literature on critical social work, as well as Hungarian and Swiss publications that are less known to the international scientific community. The study concludes that contemporary Swiss and Hungarian critical social work is in close relationship with civil society and is particularly effective in intervening where state-run social services are less efficient. This includes the areas of migration aid and homeless care in both countries, and the support of the Roma people in Hungary.
    01A - Beitrag in wissenschaftlicher Zeitschrift
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    Homelessness and mental disorders. An international overview
    (10.12.2021) Temesvary, Zsolt [in: Szociálpolitikai Tükör / Hungarian Journal of Social Policy]
    This paper provides a short overview on the relationship between homelessness and mental disorders, based on the relevant scientific literature and other references like research reports, online databases and working papers. While early studies explained homelessness with the lack of housing possibilities and problems in the housing markets, modern examinations also consider individual reasons, primarily the personal vulnerability of homeless people. According to these analyses, one of the most important reasons behind homelessness is the evolvement of psychiatric disorders which lead to severe mental and social distortions in the normal functioning of the affected people. Based on international studies, approximately three-fourth of the homeless people suffer from mental disorders, which proportion is much higher compared to the majority society, and at least 25% of all housing losses can be traced back to psychiatric problems.
    01A - Beitrag in wissenschaftlicher Zeitschrift