Nieuwenboom, Jan Willem

Jan Willem
Nieuwenboom, Jan Willem


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    Pursuing a Common Goal: How School Principals and After-school Directors Perceive Professional Culture of Collaboration
    (Barbara Budrich, 2016) Jutzi, Michelle; Schüpbach, Marianne; Frei, Lukas; Nieuwenboom, Jan Willem; von Allmen, Benjamin [in: International Journal for Research on Extended Education]
    Using quantitative data from school principals (SPs) and after-school program directors (ASDs) in 37 primary schools and after-school programs (ASPs) in Switzerland, this study examines the Perceived Professional Culture of Collaboration (PPCoC) as an aspect of school culture and professionalism of educational staff. The group comparisons confirm that the ASDs and SPs significantly differ on how they rate the PPCoC, even if they belong to the same school context. However, this study did not find significant group differences on the goals which the two leaders associate with the development of the ASP. Regression analyses indicate that having written guidelines focused on collaboration is the strongest predictor of a positive rating of the PPCoC for both leaders. PPCoC ratings for ASDs were additionally linked to their individual goals towards ASPs. Finally, this study points out that organizational attributes and individual goals are connected to the development of a shared attitude towards collaboration (PPCoC) as an important aspect of the quantity and quality of ASP development, as a means to define the goals and professionalize ASP practice.
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    Erziehungs- und Bildungspartnerschaften: Kooperation zwischen Tagesschule und Eltern in der Schweiz
    (Haupt, 01.09.2013) Schüpbach, Marianne; Jutzi, Michelle; Thomann, Kathrin; von Allmen, Benjamin; Nieuwenboom, Jan Willem; Schüpbach, Marianne; Slokar, Ana [in: Kooperation als Herausforderung in Schule und Tagesschule25]
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