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Visschers, Vivianne

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“Knowledge alone won’t change behaviour”/"Wissen alleine genügt nicht für eine Verhaltensänderung"

2018, Visschers, Vivianne

Psychologin Vivianne Visschers erklärt im Interview, was eine Öffentlichkeitskampagne zu Antibiotikaresistenzen bewirken kann und wo sie ansetzen sollte.

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Knowledge as a driver of public perceptions about climate change reassessed

2016, Shi, Jing, Visschers, Vivianne, Siegrist, Michael, Arvai, Joseph

It is intuitive to assume that concern about climate change should be preceded by knowledge about its effects. However, recent research suggests that knowledge about climate change has only a limited effect on shaping concern about climate change. Our view is that this counterintuitive finding is a function of how knowledge is typically measured in studies about climate change. We find that if it is measured in a domain-specific and multidimensional way, knowledge is indeed an important driver of concern about climate change—even when we control for human values. Likewise, different dimensions of knowledge play different roles in shaping concern about climate change. To illustrate these findings, we present the results from a survey deployed across six culturally and politically diverse countries. Higher levels of knowledge about the causes of climate change were related to a heightened concern. However, higher levels of knowledge about the physical characteristics of climate change had either a negative or no significant effect on concern. Efforts aimed at improving public knowledge about climate change are therefore not the lost cause that some researchers claim they may be.