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Dannecker, Achim

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  • Publication
    E-Business in the era of digital transformation
    (Springer, 2018) Leimstoll, Uwe; Dannecker, Achim; Knechtli, Hanspeter; Quade, Michael H.; Tanner, Christian; Wölfle, Ralf; Dornberger, Rolf [in: Business information systems and technology 4.0. New trends in the age of digital change]
    In recent years, the development of information technology has reached a new level of evolution. It should be noted, however, that digitalization and digital transformation are not fundamentally new phenomena. A phase marked by strong digitalization, for example,was the result of the increased business use of the Internet in the early 1990s. The era of e-business began. The focus was on the digitalization of cross-company processes, which also brought new business models and interlinked value-added structures. Against the background of current developments, the question arises as to what role e-business now plays in digital transformation. The aim of this chapter is to show the current developments in e-business and their relationship to digital transformation. Following an introductory clarification of concepts and a consideration of the importance of mobile computing, the classic areas of e-business are addressed, in particular e-commerce, e-procurement and e-organization. The results show that e-business has
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  • Publication
    eXperience based training
    (2009) Dannecker, Achim; Wölfle, Ralf
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