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Näpfli, Jasmin

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    When one wants more than the other. Multi-professional cooperation between staff in extended education and teachers
    (Barbara Budrich, 2023) Näpfli, Jasmin; Schweinberger, Kirsten item.search.result.list.element.in.openIJREE – International Journal for Research on Extended Educationitem.search.result.list.element.in.close
    In 2021 the Swiss Teachers’ Association (LCH) demanded that extended education offerings (EEO) should be the responsibility of schools and not outsourced, which in turn also implies a new cooperation partner for the schools. Till today not much is known about this cooperation. This study investigates this cooperation from the perspective of the cooperation partners – the teachers (N=233), school leaders (N=64), staff (N=349) and leaders (N=67) of the EEO by means of a quantitative survey in a pioneering canton in Switzerland. The findings show that cooperation is rated as “good”—but for different reasons—by the cooperation partners and that cooperation is linked to job satisfaction.
    01A - Beitrag in wissenschaftlicher Zeitschrift