Thönssen, Barbara

Thönssen, Barbara


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    Ontology-based metamodeling
    (Springer, 2018) Hinkelmann, Knut; Laurenzi, Emanuele; Martin, Andreas; Thönssen, Barbara; Dornberger, Rolf [in: Business information systems and technology 4.0. New trends in the age of digital change]
    Decision makers use models to understand and analyze a situation, to compare alternatives and to find solutions. Additionally, there are systems that support decision makers through data analysis, calculation or simulation. Typically, modeling languages for humans and machine are different from each other. While humans prefer graphical or textual models, machine-interpretable models have to be represented in a formal language. This chapter describes an approach to modeling that is both cognitively adequate for humans and processable by machines. In addition, the approach supports the creation and adaptation of domain-specific modeling languages. A metamodel which is represented as a formal ontology determines the semantics of the modeling language. To create a graphical modeling language, a graphical notation can be added for each class of the ontology. Every time a new modeling element is created during modeling, an instance for the corresponding class is created in the ontology. Thus, models for humans and machines are based on the same internal representation.
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    Determining information relevance based on personalization techniques to meet specific user needs
    (Springer, 2018) Thönssen, Barbara; Witschel, Hans Friedrich; Rusinov, Oleg; Dornberger, Rolf [in: Business information systems and technology 4.0. New trends in the age of digital change]
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    The Modelling of Knowledge-Intensive Processes using Semantics
    (Springer, 2010) Wolff, Daniela; Hinkelmann, Knut; Thönssen, Barbara; Vitvar, Tomas; Peristeras, Vassilios; Tarabanis, Konstantinos [in: Semantic Technologies for E-Government]
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