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    • Designing the Atmosphere 

      King, Dorothée (2019-06-26)
      Our paradise is on fire. Heaven is not the promised land anymore. Smog in mega cities, pollution in industrialized areas, and holes in the ozone layer change the physical and culturally informed perception of the sky ...
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    • Digital Anxiety Self-Help Group 

      King, Dorothée (2019-09-25)
      We live in a challenging digital world that is constantly in a state of up-dates. In higher arts education teachers and students are expected to fully embrace new forms of digitalization. Educators and students sense strong ...
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    • Digital Graffiti 

      King, Dorothée (2018-11)
      Int|AR Journal
      Is digital graffiti the new tool for the generation of digital natives to resist, protest, and engage? With examples we see that going digital allows a “displacement and assemblage of space,” 12 and leads to a re-organiz- ...
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    • Everybody’s House. Rosa Park House: Memory, Space, Re-Use 

      King, Dorothée (2018-05)
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    • Geruch und Heimat 

      King, Dorothée (2019-09-12)
      In den letzten Jahren haben sich auf Geruch spezialisierte Künstler*Innen damit beschäftigt, ob über das Atmen Positionen zu Vorstellungen von Identität bezogen werden können. Die Analyse unterschiedlicher, olfaktorisch ...
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    • Learning Lab Arts and Design:Re-Processing the Future of Art and Design Education 

      King, Dorothée (2019)
      In this article I reflect on changes of learning in art and design as shifts in methods and cultural practices. I link an historical overview of learning processes to contemporary art and design making to identify methods ...
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    • Lernen von Kunst und Design im Labor: Eine Datensammlung früherer Kunst- und Designausbildungen 

      King, Dorothée (2019-11-28)
      Art Education Research
      In diesem Beitrag betrachte ich Veränderungen in der Kunst- und Design-Ausbildung unter dem Gesichtspunkt des Wandels von methodologischen und kulturellen Praktiken. Ich vergleiche historische Lernprozesse mit modernen ...
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    • Olfactory Injustice 

      King, Dorothée (2018-01)
      This paper studies ways in which olfactory art can be political and disruptive: how it may serve to challenge audiences’ perceptions in otherwise deodorized exhibition spaces, for example, and how smell-art pieces may ...
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    • Smell and Air in Contemporary Art 

      King, Dorothée (2018-06)
      For this paper, I take up a thesis recently formulated by Jonathan Reinartz concerning the historical qualities of smell as a divider and identifier of communities (Historical Perspectives on Smell, University of Illinois ...
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    • Whose Skin? Curating Tattooed Tableaux Vivants in Contemporary Art 

      King, Dorothée (2019-04-01)
      Journal of Curatorial Studies
      This article discusses tattoo works by contemporary artists Wim Delvoye and Santiago Sierra to raise questions about curating tattooed tableaux vivants. Showing tattoos on living persons in an exhibition context instigates ...
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