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    • F*ck The Future 

      Allen, Jamie (2015-10-16)
      06 - Präsentation
    • Faith Family Farming 

      Allen, Jamie (2019-10-11)
      Anthropocene Curriculum
      Tracing the origins of the original “American Farmer” Johnny Appleseed via the various incarnation of the “Wild West” that have led to the era of Apple Inc. and the quantification and gridification of American landscapes, ...
      10 - Elektronische-/ Webpublikation
    • Fallenbrunnen Walk. Form einer alternativen Erinnerungskultur 

      Schranz, Christine (2016)
      Nach der Kaserne
      04 - Beitrag Sammelband oder Konferenzschrift
    • Fandom 

      Kolb, Lucie; Preisig, Barbara; Müller, Pablo; Welter, Judith (2018)
      03 - Sammelband
    • Femininity, Fecundity & Flow 

      Allen, Jamie (2019)
      During the afternoon of the Anthropocene River Public Opening of the Anthropocene River Campus at Tulane University in New Orleans in the Autumn of 2019, Jamie Allen was invited to deliver a “river reflection.” Having been ...
      06 - Präsentation
    • Feminist Hackerspace as a Place of Infrastructure Production 

      Savic, Selena; Wuschitz, Stefanie (2018-04)
      Ada (Eugene): a journal of gender, new media and technology
      Work in a (feminist) hackerspace relies on the circulation of knowledge and availability of hardware. In contemporary maker scene, the majority of these resources is created in male-dominated circles and handed over to ...
      01 - Zeitschriftenartikel, Journalartikel oder Magazin
    • FHNW Myosotis-Garden 

      Unbekannter Autor/unbekannte Autorin
      Computerspiele bringen Unterhaltung und Abwechslung. Und Computerspiele können dabei helfen, schwierige Besuche im Altersheim zu erleichtern. Wie man am besten miteinander spielt und welche Computerspiele für betagte ...
      00 - Projekt
    • Fieldtalks, at the Anthropocene Campus Philadelphia 

      continent, continent; Allen, Jamie (2017)
      What would a conversation with a piece of asbestos, or a piece of plastic stranded on the shore of the Schuylkill River be like? And how could a conversation transpire, between things and researchers and other things, if ...
      06 - Präsentation
    • Following The Elephant-Nosed Fish - Reimagining Our Sensorium 

      Hertrich, Susanna; Miyazaki, Shintaro (2021)
      This book presents an artistic research project called "Sensorium of Animals" that comprises media archaeological studying, technological experimentation, an art installation, and two short films. The project was conducted ...
      02 - Monographie
    • Following the Elephant-Nosed Fish: Making Things More Complicated as a Form of Resistance 

      Miyazaki, Shintaro; Hertrich, Susanna (2018)
      NERD – New Experimental Research in Design
      04 - Beitrag Sammelband oder Konferenzschrift
    • Food Spectacles: Seeing Power, Eating Culture 

      Odunlami, Abbey; Allen, Jamie (2020)
      In collaboration with conceptual artist and media-maker Abbéy Odunlami the workshop Food Spectacles: Seeing Power, Eating Culture takes up interests in artistic tactics for the redesign of urban metabolism, industrial ...
      06 - Präsentation
    • The Forbidden, the Doubtful and the Moral. What Could be Known but Isn't 

      Allen, Jamie (2016)
      While it is difficult enough to develop what has been termed “negative knowledge”, that is, knowledge about the limits of knowledge (Karin Knorr-Cetina), also later in the process it continues to be a challenge to understand ...
      06 - Präsentation
    • Form der Zusammenarbeit: Ökologisch 

      Caviezel, Flavia (2017-10)
      06 - Präsentation
    • Forming circuits – the self and its symbionts 

      Miyazaki, Shintaro (2017-11)
      01 - Zeitschriftenartikel, Journalartikel oder Magazin
    • Forschung als Design. Eine kritische Analyse eines Ansatzes der Designforschung 

      Unbekannter Autor/unbekannte Autorin
      00 - Projekt
    • Forschungsskizzen: Einblicke in Forschungspraktiken an der Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst FHNW 

      Florenz, Beate; Caviezel, Flavia; Wiesel, Jörg; Franke, Melanie (2013)
      02 - Monographie
    • free wifi here 

      Allen, Jamie (2017)
      I am writing these words in an airport, and into a text file, because I’m having trouble getting online. Due to quite a few misaligned techno-bureaucratic constellations, I cannot connect to the internet.
      01A - Beitrag in wissenschaftlicher Zeitschrift
    • Friend/Ships 

      continent, continent; dpr, barcelona; Allen, Jamie (2018)
      Friendship is amongst the most fundamental social practices of humankind. We experience and enact friendship in all its ambiguity—the concurrence of sameness and difference—from early childhood on. In as much as our practices ...
      06 - Präsentation
    • Functional Failures, Operative Fakes & Tenuous Techniques 

      Roszkowska, Maria; Maigret, Nicolas; Allen, Jamie (2017)
      Progress, innovation and linear growth are cornerstones of our contemporary economies, social systems, even personal faith and belief. The very pervasiveness and prevalence of these models and values requires that we ...
      06 - Präsentation