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    • Nach der Kaserne 

      Schranz, Christine (2016)
      Die Szenografie, Geschichte, Kultursoziologie und Erinnerungspolitk eines im Wandel begriffenen Ortes: der Band thematisiert und kommentiert aus unterschiedlichen Perspektiven die Konversion eines Teils der Flakkaserne am ...
      03 - Sammelband
    • Nature as Ecological Infrastructure 

      Allen, Jamie (2016)
      "I have already said that we think like the world; now I am saying that the world thinks like us." — Michel Serres A number of problematic, all-too contemporary terminologies have emerged of late to attempt description ...
      06 - Präsentation
    • Negative Media Theory: Something Positive? 

      Rottmann, Michael (2018)
      06 - Präsentation
    • Negentropic Explorations of Radio: Alloys of Matter and Information 

      Martins, Yann Patrick
      This is an experimental design research into the ways of organising archives on radio signals, using machine learning algorithms as operators of difference. Starting from radio signals as a natural and cultural phenomenon, ...
      00 - Projekt
    • Negotiating Futures - Design Fiction. 6th Swiss Design Network Conference 

      Unbekannter Autor/unbekannte Autorin
      The SDN Conference belongs to the leading European design research conferences and brings together scholars, professionals and students who come from diverse backgrounds and share interests in design and design research.The ...
      00 - Projekt
    • Neighborhood Sounding. An Archaeology of Dynamic Media Networks 1960-1980 | 2010 

      Miyazaki, Shintaro (2015)
      Neighborhood Technologies. Media and Mathematics of Dynamic Networks
      04B - Beitrag Konferenzschrift
    • NIME 2005: New Interfaces for Musical Expression 

      Allen, Jamie; Schedel, Margaret; Young, John P. (2006)
      Computer Music Journal
      01A - Beitrag in wissenschaftlicher Zeitschrift
    • Noise as Pure Potential 

      Schrimshaw, Will; Allen, Jamie (2016)
      Artists in residence Jamie Allen and Will Schrimshaw will lead two reading room sessions around the topic of noise as a form of pure potential. These sessions will discuss texts from Michel Serres, Friedrich Kittler, Gilles ...
      06 - Präsentation
    • Noise, Disruption and Further Thought 

      Volkart Schmidt, Yvonne (2015-04)
      Quantum of Disorder
      01 - Zeitschriftenartikel, Journalartikel oder Magazin
    • Noisy Natures 

      Allen, Jamie (2019)
      "For the summer semester lecture series at Humboldt Universität Berlin, two researchers from different disciplines are invited to discuss the limits of perfection and the potential of imperfections in natural organisms, ...
      06 - Präsentation
    • Note from the Editor: Autonomy 

      Allen, Jamie (2011)
      With this third issue of continent. we welcome you to join these conversations. The announced thematic for this issue, autonomy, was announced out of an interest to understand the contours of our being together, not the ...
      01A - Beitrag in wissenschaftlicher Zeitschrift
    • Note from the Editors 

      Allen, Jamie; Boshears, Paul; Jenkins, Nico (2011)
      In this issue of continent., which takes as its theme the idea of the moraine, or that which is left behind, we attempt to think, and look beyond that horizon of the possible cataclysm, not in naive ways of hope and gleeful ...
      01A - Beitrag in wissenschaftlicher Zeitschrift
    • Note from the Editors 

      Allen, Jamie; Boshears, Paul; Jenkins, Nico (2011)
      continent. seeks to map a topology of unstable confluences and ranges across new thinking, while traversing interstices and alternate directions in culture, theory, biopolitics and art. We seek to engage the paradigm of ...
      01A - Beitrag in wissenschaftlicher Zeitschrift