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    • Creating New Realities Today 

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    • Creative Ecologies in Action: Technology & the Workshop-as-Artwork 

      Clarke, Rachel; Galani, Areti; Wajda, Kamila; Allen, Jamie (2011)
      A shift is occurring, particularly evident in art-and-technology contexts, in which the artist-led workshop is transformed into an important and distinguishable artistic form. Resulting from, and contributing to, the new ...
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    • Creative Ecologies in Action: Technology and the Workshop-as-artwork 

      Clarke, Rachel; Galani, Areti; Wajda, Kamila; Allen, Jamie (2013)
      Proceedings of the 19th International Symposium on Electronic Art, ISEA2013
      As practice-theory orientations the arts and sciences have often seemed juxtaposed. We are interested in how a new generation of artist-scientists think, operate and communicate. We argue that it is crucial to find new ...
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    • Creativity and Community in the Middle of Nowhere 

      Allen, Jamie (2022)
      Bordergrounds is an arrival conversation and discussion hosted in the context of the Crossings festival, a 7 day event of workshops and exchanges hosted by La Rivioluzione delle Seppie. Somewhere between centres, practices ...
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    • Creativity Techniques 

      Mareis, Claudia (2018)
      The Creativity Complex. A Companion to Contemporary Culture
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    • Critical by Design? The Potentials and Limitations of Materialized Critique 

      Greiner-Petter, Moritz; Zeller, Ludwig; Hardt, Meike
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    • A Critical Design of the Present 

      Allen, Jamie (2013)
      CIID’s Head of Research, Jamie Allen will present at the innovative sessions next week in Kolding. Organised by our good friends Barnabas Wetton, Rikke Hansen and Thomas Markussen at the Design School Kolding, “Design as ...
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    • Critical Infrastructure 

      Gauthier, David; Allen, Jamie (2017)
      across & beyond: A transmediale Reader on Post-digital Practices, Concepts, and Institutions
      This essay accompanies the CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE project, an artistic research and production residency by Jamie Allen and David Gauthier that took place as part of the lead-up to the transmediale 2014 festival, afterglow, ...
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    • Critical Infrastructure: A Peer-Reviewed Journal About 

      Allen, Jamie (2014-06-01)
      The essay and ideas included here is a discussion of the topics raised through CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE, an artistic research and production residency that took place as part of the lead up to the transmediale festival, ...
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    • Crossmedia 

      Wiedmer, Martin
      Unter Crossmedia versteht man die Aufbereitung von Inhalten quer durch verschiedene Medien (Text, Bild, Ton, Video, Animationen, Interaktive Benutzeroberfläche, Verortung über Geodaten). Beispiele für die Anwendung von ...
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    • Cum On Feel the Noize 

      Allen, Jamie (2012)
      As someone who’s knowledge of “art” mostly began with the domestic (Western) and Japanese punk and noise scenes of the late 80’s and early 90’s, practices and theories of noise fall rather close to my heart. It is peeking ...
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    • Cycles of Circulation 

      Chatterjee, Sria; Kubrak, Anastasia; Bedir, Merve; Müller, Martin; Sobecka, Karolina; Suess, Solveig
      Cycles of Circulation (CC) is historically-informed artistic research, developing alternative nature-culture relations and governance in the Anthropocene, an era of irreversible human-created Earth-magnitude changes. ...
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    • Cycles of Discussion, Circulation of Images 

      Allen, Jamie; Sobecka, Karolina (2018)
      Karolina Sobecka ( and Jamie Allen ( are collaborating researchers, part of a research group interested in environmental humanities, art, design and science at the Hochschule für ...
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    • Cycles, Soil and Sustenance 

      Allen, Jamie (2020)
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