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    • Of Metabolic Myth 

      Allen, Jamie (2022)
      For the bilingual French-English journal RADDAR's 4th issue, edited by T&P WorkUnit, Paris and MUDAC museum of Contemporary Design and Applied Arts in Lausanne (CH), Of Metabolic Myth is an essay an on media, film, food ...
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    • Of Minimal Materialities And Maximal Amplitudes: A Provisional Manual Of Stroboscopic Noise Performance 

      Allen, Jamie (2013)
      Leonardo Electronic Almanac
      The various techniques available to contemporary multimedia performers congeal, on occasion, into a set of related tools, techniques, and apparent motivations that one might characterize as a genre or scene. More often ...
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    • Old Media, Networks & Borders. You’ve Got 1243 Unread Messages at the Latvian Center for Contemporary Art 

      Kolb, Lucie (2018)
      Brand-New-Life. Magazin für Kunstkritik
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    • On the Modes of Technical Extraction in Chile 

      Allen, Jamie (2021)
      Logistical Worlds: Infrastructure, Software, Labor
      The diagram and essay On the Modes of Technical Extraction in Chile is a visual essay on the historical and contemporary extractive regimes affecting the southwest South American nation of Chile. It is a depiction arising ...
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    • Optimal Brain Damage 

      Bruder, Johannes; Halpern, Orit (2021-10-08)
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    • Our Data Doppelgängers 

      Allen, Jamie (2013)
      Data is gathered and presented towards both clarification and inspiration, but also in ways that obscure and confuse. Within creative practices that engage the technological, data plays a cen- tral role as a medium for ...
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    • Out of the Given: Aesthetics and Operativity of Data-Worlds 

      Miyazaki, Shintaro (2017-03-08)
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    • Overland, There's Shorter Time to Dream 

      Suess, Solveig (2020-11-23)
      The low pressures in the atmosphere over the Taklamakan and Gobi deserts create windy conditions in the area during late winter and early spring. Loose top soils are picked up by westerly winds, pulling these sands into ...
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    • OVIK – Places for Virtual-Informal Communication 

      Mahrer, Alban; Mertens, Mirko
      Many companies are now working together with employees in distributed locations. Informal communication, which has been found to be an important factor for successful collaboration, is strongly diminished over spatial ...
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    • Ökologische Form der Zusammenarbeit 

      Caviezel, Flavia (2019-08-19)
      Zusammen arbeiten
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