• Being Eaten 

      Allen, Jamie (2022)
      Of the concerns of the project of Western, modern design, archi- tecture and culture, procuring food for ourselves and keeping ourselves from becoming food for other creatures, is central amongst them. How we eat and ...
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    • Cycles, Soil and Sustenance 

      Allen, Jamie (2020)
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    • Fieldtalks, at the Anthropocene Campus Philadelphia 

      continent, continent; Allen, Jamie (2017)
      What would a conversation with a piece of asbestos, or a piece of plastic stranded on the shore of the Schuylkill River be like? And how could a conversation transpire, between things and researchers and other things, if ...
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    • Nature as Ecological Infrastructure 

      Allen, Jamie (2016)
      "I have already said that we think like the world; now I am saying that the world thinks like us." — Michel Serres A number of problematic, all-too contemporary terminologies have emerged of late to attempt description ...
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    • Shift Register: The Eye Altering 

      Allen, Jamie; Ibach, Merle (2018)
      Depuis des millénaires, les vertus préservatrices et thérapeutiques des distillats de pétrole ont donné lieu à d’étranges pratiques corporelles: embaumer les morts de goudron, baigner les vivants de naphtalène, et enduire ...
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    • Sounding out the Anthropocene. Investigating Sonic Media Ecologies 

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    • Terra Effluviens - Excavating the lost diagrams of the Anthropocene 

      Allen, Jamie (2019)
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