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    • Aeolian Technology 

      Allen, Jamie (2022)
      A talk for the "In the Wind" sessions of Anant National University Design programme, relating environmental art, design to principles and ideas of elemental media, ecological and material philosophy, and the history of ...
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    • Being Eaten 

      Allen, Jamie (2022)
      Of the concerns of the project of Western, modern design, archi- tecture and culture, procuring food for ourselves and keeping ourselves from becoming food for other creatures, is central amongst them. How we eat and ...
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    • Creative Ecologies in Action: Technology & the Workshop-as-Artwork 

      Clarke, Rachel; Galani, Areti; Wajda, Kamila; Allen, Jamie (2011)
      A shift is occurring, particularly evident in art-and-technology contexts, in which the artist-led workshop is transformed into an important and distinguishable artistic form. Resulting from, and contributing to, the new ...
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    • Double Counting: The Odum Oration 

      Lee Hallman, Jeffrey; Julian, John; Allen, Jamie; Sobecka, Karolina (2020)
      Ecology has become a master discipline, a primary lens through which we see and manage the world. In this performance lecture, we meet two of its co-founders, the American brothers E. P. and H. T. Odum, personalities ...
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    • Echoes of Eco, Two Walks in Athens 

      Allen, Jamie (2017)
      Echoes of Eco is two walks in Athens during which a group of people gathers to witness, produce documents at, and annotate sites in Athens where the economy touches the ecology of the city. Economy and ecology, often ...
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    • Fieldtalks, at the Anthropocene Campus Philadelphia 

      continent, continent; Allen, Jamie (2017)
      What would a conversation with a piece of asbestos, or a piece of plastic stranded on the shore of the Schuylkill River be like? And how could a conversation transpire, between things and researchers and other things, if ...
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    • Food Spectacles: Seeing Power, Eating Culture 

      Odunlami, Abbey; Allen, Jamie (2020)
      In collaboration with conceptual artist and media-maker Abbéy Odunlami the workshop Food Spectacles: Seeing Power, Eating Culture takes up interests in artistic tactics for the redesign of urban metabolism, industrial ...
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    • The Ledger of the Sun 

      Allen, Jamie (2022)
      Dissimilarities are often drawn between the “economy” and “ecology”, supposedly in conflict. Economics, “the dismal science”, it is said, abstracts human instinct and desires creating systems of value, accumulation and ...
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    • The Machine Stops 

      Allen, Jamie (2019)
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    • Moving Food 

      Odunlami, Abbey; Allen, Jamie (2022)
      The workshop analyses contemporary food trends, ecological and infrastructural food systems relations, toward the development of artistic consumption and serving concepts, media communications, physical designs and ...
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    • Refractive Index 

      Allen, Jamie (2012)
      FutureEverything 2012
      Refractive Index is a visual media essay and compositional about the environmental and ecological impacts of large scale media. Site-specific software creates a digital camera obscura, and in a series of late night ...
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    • These Flows Shall Not be Contained 

      Carver, Louise; Odunlami, Abbey; Allen, Jamie (2021)
      Emergent Strategies from the Deep
      These Flows Shall Not Be Contained is a three-channel video installation that conveys the continuous relationships between human beings, territories, seas, oceans, and maritime regions, linked through migration, governance, ...
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    • Un-/Learning Archives in the Age of the Sixth Extinction 

      Allen, Jamie; Basu, Priyanka; Becerra Valdez, Tamara; Bolen, Jeremy; Browne, Simon; Cahill, Susan; Hogan, Mél; Rowell, Steve (2022)
      This workshop will deal with archives as related to overlapping sites of nature/culture, climate change, deep time and the built environment. Is the archive a viable repository of potential regenerative material for the ...
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