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    • Machine Estimation of Drug Melting Properties and Influence on Solubility Prediction 

      Wyttenbach, Nicole; Niederquell, Andreas; Kuentz, Martin (2020-06-04)
      Molecular Pharmaceutics
      There has been much recent interest in machine learning (ML) and molecular quantitative structure property relationships (QSPR). The present research evaluated modern ML-based methods implemented in commercial software ...
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    • Machine learning detects anti-DENV signatures in antibody repertoire sequences 

      Horst, Alexander; Smakaj, Erand; Natali, Eriberto; Tosoni, Deniz David; Babrak, Lmar; Meier, Patrick; Miho, Enkelejda (2021-10-11)
      Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence
      Dengue infection is a global threat. As of today, there is no universal dengue fever treatment or vaccines unreservedly recommended by the World Health Organization. The investigation of the specific immune response to ...
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    • Magnesium sensing via LFA-1 regulates CD8+ T cell effector function 

      Lötscher, Jonas; Martí i Líndez, Adrià-Arnau; Kirchhammer, Nicole; Cribioli, Elisabetta; Giordano Attianese, Greta Maria Paola; Trefny, Marcel P.; Rothschild, Sacha I.; Strati, Paolo; Künzli, Marco; Lotter, Claudia; Schenk, Susanne H.; Dehio, Philippe; Löliger, Jordan; Litzler, Ludivine; Schreiner, David; Koch, Victoria; Page, Nicolas; Lee, Dahye; Grählert, Jasmin; Kuzmin, Dmitry; Burgener, Anne-Valérie; Merkler, Doron; Pless, Miklos; Balmer, Maria L.; Reith, Walter; Huwyler, Jörg; Irving, Melita; King, Carolyn G.; Zippelius, Alfred; Hess, Christoph; Lenz, Markus (2022)
      The relevance of extracellular magnesium in cellular immunity remains largely unknown. Here, we show that the co-stimulatory cell-surface molecule LFA-1 requires magnesium to adopt its active conformation on CD8+ T cells, ...
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    • Magnetic gradient mapping o a 3T MRI canner using a modular array of novel three-axis Hall sensors 

      Pascal, Joris; Weber, Nicolas; Felblinger, Jaques; Oster, Julien (2018-06)
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    • Marker for the pre-clinical development of bone substitute materials 

      de Wild, Michael; Zimmermann, Simon; Obrecht, Marcel; Dard, Michel (2017)
      Current Directions in Biomedical Engineering
      Thin mechanically stable Ti-cages have been developed for the in-vivo application as X-ray and histology markers for the optimized evaluation of pre-clinical performance of bone graft materials. A metallic frame defines ...
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    • Mass transfer analysis and kinetic modeling for process design of countercurrent membrane supported reactive extraction of carboxylic acids 

      Schuur, Boelo; Gössi, Angelo; Riedl, Wolfgang (2021)
      Chemical Engineering Science: X
      Countercurrent membrane supported reactive extraction (MSRE) was studied for removal of carboxylic acids from aqueous streams with a PTFE capillary membrane. Analysis of the mass transfer rates was per- formed to support ...
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    • Matrix Metalloprotease Triggered Bioresponsive Drug Delivery Systems–Design, Synthesis and Application 

      Nultsch, Kira; Germershaus, Oliver (2018-10)
      European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics
      Engineering of drug delivery systems has evolved in recent decades from comparably simple designs that merely controlled drug release to complex, often multistage systems that respond to multiple biological or environmental ...
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    • Maximales Aroma Geschmackserhaltende Entalkoholisierung von Bier mittels Membranverfahren 

      Riedl, Wolfgang (2015)
      Alkoholfreies Bier ist stets eine Frage des Geschmacks: „Echten“ Biertrinkern immer noch suspekt, ermöglicht es Brauereien, neue Märkte zu erschließen und wettbewerbsfähig zu bleiben. Dies ändert jedoch nichts an dem ...
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    • Measures to control invasive crayfish species in Switzerland: A success story? 

      Krieg, Raphael; King, Alex; Zenker, Armin (2020-12-09)
      Frontiers in Environmental Science
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    • Mechanical anisotropy of titanium scaffolds 

      Weber, Franz E.; de Wild, Michael; Rüegg, Jasmine; Schumacher, Ralf (2017)
      Current Directions in Biomedical Engineering
      The clinical performance of an implant, e.g. for the treatment of large bone defects, depends on the implant material, anchorage, surface topography and chemistry, but also on the mechanical properties, like the stiffness. ...
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    • Mechanical characteristics of beta sheet-forming peptide hydrogels are dependent on peptide sequence, concentration and buffer composition 

      Koch, Franziska; König, Finja; Meyer, Nina; Gattlen, Jasmin; Pieles, Uwe; Peters, Kirsten; Kreikemeyer, Bernd; Mathes, Stephanie; Saxer, Sina; Müller, Michael (2018-03)
      Royal Society Open Science
      Self-assembling peptide hydrogels can be modified regarding their biodegradability, their chemical and mechanical properties and their nanofibrillar structure. Thus, self-assembling peptide hydrogels might be suitable ...
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    • Mechanistic aspects of drug loading in liquisolid systems with hydrophilic lipid-based mixtures 

      Vraníková, Barbora; Niederquell, Andreas; Ditzinger, Felix; Kuentz, Martin (2020-01-30)
      International Journal of Pharmaceutics
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    • Mechanistic study of dissolution enhancement by interactive mixtures of chitosan with meloxicam as model 

      Kuentz, Martin; Brokesova, Jana; Slamova, Michaela; Zamostny, Petr; Koktan, Jakub; Kreicik, Lukas; Svacinova, Petra; Sklubalova, Zdenka; Vraníková, Barbora (2022-02-01)
      European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
      To enhance dissolution rate of meloxicam (MX), a poorly soluble model drug, a natural polysaccharide excipient chitosan (CH) is employed in this work as a carrier to prepare binary interactive mixtures by either mixing or ...
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    • Medical applications of 3-D Printing 

      Schumacher, Ralf (2015)
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    • Membrane-supported liquid-liquid extraction. Where do we stand today? 

      Riedl, Wolfgang (2021-02)
      ChemBioEng Reviews
      Thanks to advances in materials science and manufacturing technology, membranes are now available for stable liquid-liquid extraction processes. Rigorous calculation models can be used to calculate the membrane areas ...
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    • Membrane‐Assisted Liquid‐Liquid Extraction – Where Do We Stand Today? 

      Riedl, Wolfgang (2019-08-29)
      Chemie Ingenieur Technik
      Dank Weiterentwicklungen in den Materialwissenschaften und der Fertigungstechnik stehen heute Membranen für stabile Flüssig/Flüssig‐Extraktionsprozesse zur Verfügung. Mit rigorosen Berechnungsmodellen lassen sich sowohl ...
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    • Membranfiltration 4.0: Mehr Fluß und weniger Frust 

      Riedl, Wolfgang (2015)
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    • Metabolic Profiling 

      Berchtold, Christian; Hettich, Timm; Schlotterbeck, Götz; Senner, Frank (2015)
      GIT Labor Fachzeitschrift
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    • Metabolite Profile and Antiproliferative Effects in HaCaT Cells of a Salix reticulata Extract 

      Corradi, Elisabetta; Schmidt, Nadine; Räber, Nathalie; De Mieri, Maria; Hamburger, Matthias; Potterat, Oliver; Butterweck, Veronika (2017)
      Planta Medica
      Phenolic constituents of Salix reticulata (Salicaceae) and antiproliferative activity of an extract and individual compounds were investigated in immortalized human non-tumorigenic keratinocytes (HaCaT). A MeOH extract ...
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    • Metabolomic Abnormalities in Serum from Untreated and Treated Dogs with Hyper- and Hypoadrenocorticism 

      Imbery, Carolin Anna; Dieterle, Frank; Ottka, Claudia; Weber, Corinna; Müller, Elisabeth; Lohi, Hannes; Giger, Urs; Schlotterbeck, Götz (2022-04-09)
      The adrenal glands play a major role in metabolic processes, and both excess and insufficient serum cortisol concentrations can lead to serious metabolic consequences. Hyper- and hypoadrenocorticism represent a diagnostic ...
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