• Bridge-Year Courses as Expectable Exceptions: Transition into Post-Compulsory Education in the City of Basel 

      Preite, Luca (2016-06-30)
      Transitional education programs as for example bridge-year courses are becoming important institutions in the transition from compulsory to post-compulsory education and later on working environments. In Switzerland one ...
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    • Leadership for Learning in Germany and the US: Commonalities and Differences 

      Tulowitzki, Pierre; Pietsch, Marcus; Spillane, James (2021-02-15)
      International Perspectives on School Settings, Education Policy and Digital Strategies – A Transatlantic Discourse in Education Research
      This chapter starts by offering some conceptual notions about leadership for learning, especially regarding the contextual factors that (might) shape it. It then provides a brief overview of factors that shape leadership ...
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