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    • Accreditation Of An International Bachelor Program Spanning Three Countries 

      Pülz, Michael (2016-03-10)
      2016 International Education Conference New Orleans, LA, USA
      The paper describes the rather complex accreditation requirements of a tri-national Bachelor of Science program called International Business Management. The program is an integrated co-operation between three European ...
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    • acdalis ERP 

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    • Achieving competitive advantage by addressing the dimensions of eco-sustainability and innovation in manufacturing processes 

      Hinz, Andreas; Scherrer-Rathje, Maike; Neumann, Michèle (2011)
      18th International Annual EurOMA Conference 2011
      This paper explores how firms can generate competitive advantage by simultaneously addressing the dimensions of eco-sustainability and innovation in manufacturing processes. The eco-sustainability dimension is divided into ...
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    • Achtung, fertig- Halt! 

      Binswanger, Mathias (2009-03-05)
      Die Zeit
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    • Active Mechanisms for Cloud Environments 

      Astrova, Irina; Gatziu Grivas, Stella; Schaaf, Marc; Koschel, Arne; Hellwich, Ilja; Kasten, Sven; Vaizovic, Nedim; Wiens, Christoph (2012-02-01)
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    • Adapting an Enterprise Architecture for Business Intelligence 

      von Bergen, Pascal; Hinkelmann, Knut; Witschel, Hans Friedrich (2015)
      8th IFIP WG 8.1 working conference on the Practice of Enterprise Modelling
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    • Adaptive Processes using Business Rules and Ontologies 

      Hinkelmann, Knut (2007)
      Workshop Semantic Based Knowledge Flows for Industry at the 6th International Conference on Practical Aspects of Knowledge Management
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    • Added Value of Sociofact Analysis for Business Agility 

      Hinkelmann, Knut; Riss, Uwe V.; Magenheim, Johannes; Reinhardt, Wolfgang; Nelkner, Tobias (2011)
      AI for Business Agility. AAAI 2011 Spring Symposium
      The increasing agility of business requires an accelerated adaptation of organizations to continuously changing conditions. Individual and organizational learning are prominent means to achieve this. Hereby learning is ...
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    • Adoption of Innovative Technology for Business Transformation with Big Data in an Oil and Gas Company in South Africa 

      Ballmert, Matthias (2017-01-31)
      Today, it is a known fact that Big Data (BD) lead to a competitive advantage for organisations. While several methodologies have been introduced to gain insights using BD, there is a lack in research regarding the adoption ...
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    • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and Animals 

      Bendel, Oliver (2014-10-01)
      Künstliche Intelligenz
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    • Advanced Methodology for European Laeken Indicators 

      Schoch, Tobias
      The Laeken indicators are the main indicators to measure social cohesion in Europe, and in particular the impact of economic and social policies of the EU. The Laeken indicators are estimated from complex surveys across ...
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    • Advances in Intelligent Informatics, Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing 

      Hanne, Thomas (2015)
      Advances in Intelligent Informatics
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    • AGE-R-Profiler - der Fragebogen zur dokumenten- und kennzahlenbasierten Selbstanalyse 

      Zölch, Martina (2015)
      Fit für den demografischen Wandel? Ergebnisse, Instrumente, Ansätze guter Praxis
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    • An Agent-based Model for Simulating Smart Grid Innovations 

      Wache, Holger; Schädler, Philippe; Merelli, Emanuela (2018)
      15th International Conference on the European Energy Market (EEM)
      In order to derive indicators for the future grid and market stability, in this paper an agent-based model is intro- duced, to simulate various scenarios. This includes new market designs, market mixes, emerging technological ...
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    • Agentur 2.0 

      Bachmann, Sebastian (2014)
      Die Schweizer Bankenbranche wird aktuell durch viele Entwicklungen geprägt. Der technologische Fortschritt beeinflusst die Entwicklung und das Geschäftsmodell der Banken stark. Der Vertrieb von Bankdienstleistungen wird ...
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    • Agieren NPO nachhaltig? 

      Daub, Claus-Heinrich (2015)
      enorm. Wirtschaft. Gemeinsam. Denken
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    • Agile Internationalisation 

      Reineke, Rolf-Dieter; Hinz, Andreas (2016)
      International Conference on Innovation in Business and Strategy
      The principles of agile development have revolutionised software development by replacing rigid planning with flexible and responsive approaches in order to get results faster. Given the significant potential for saving ...
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    • Agile Process Execution with KISSmir 

      Brun, Roman; Martin, Andreas (2010-06-03)
      In this paper, we describe an approach for agile business process execution and its developed prototype. In a rapidly changing environment an enterprise must be flexible and able to quickly react. Traditional business ...
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    • Agile Software-Entwicklung zum Anfassen 

      Greiwe, Stephanie; Kropp, Martin; Mateescu, Magdalena (2014)
      IMVS Fokus Report 2014
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    • Agility meets Governance of Enterprise IT 

      Diptanshu, Kumar (2014-10-29)
      Achievement of continuous competitive advantage in an ever changing business environment together with distinct advancement in technology, require enterprises to consider more efficient ways in their quick responding ...
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