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    • Mobile Commerce: Mobile Money Transfer in Ghana 

      Kofi Frimpong, Adasa Nkrumah (2014-01-31)
      Mobile money transfer allows people to send money using Short Message Service (SMS). Its low costs, fast speed and no need of having a bank account. The service started in Kenya as MPESA introduced by Safaricom and has ...
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    • Learning frequent and periodic usage patterns in smart homes 

      Schweizer, Daniel (2014-01-31)
      This paper discusses how usage patterns and preferences of smart home inhabitants can be learned efficiently. Such patterns as a baseline of what constitutes normal behavior of inhabitants allows future smart homes to ...
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    • Agility meets Governance of Enterprise IT 

      Diptanshu, Kumar (2014-10-29)
      Achievement of continuous competitive advantage in an ever changing business environment together with distinct advancement in technology, require enterprises to consider more efficient ways in their quick responding ...
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    • Identity resolution for fraud prevention 

      Studer, Michael (2015-01)
      The purpose of this master thesis is to find the best solution for identity resolution between social media networks and bank customers. With the contacts of the identified social media user it should be possible to ...
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    • Energy Trading in the Smart Stability Network 

      Mettler, Fabian (2015-01-30)
      The current implementation of the electrical grid has not changed since the last 50 years and due to the increase of energy demand the stability of the electrical grid is strongly affected which can result in power c ...
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    • Energy saving in smart homes based on consumer behaviour data 

      Zehnder, Michael (2015-01-31)
      This paper discusses how energy can be saved in smart homes without lowering the comfort of the inhabitants, based on consumer behaviour data only. A recommender system was designed, that suggests actions for inhabitants ...
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    • Critical Infrastructure Information Security Model 

      Schlüter, Michael (2015-01-31)
      Malfunction of critical infrastructures have a serious impact on health, safety, security and economic wellbeing of citizens and have therefore to be supremely protected. Today’s cyber threats gain in importance especially ...
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    • Event Data Sources for Enterprise Architecture Documentation 

      Frei, Michael (2015-02)
      Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) has become a widely accepted discipline that concerns itself with the alignment of business and information technology (IT) and deals with the increasing complexity of information ...
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    • Measure Process Maturity for Quality Management Systems 

      Bürgy, Pascal (2015-08-24)
      ISO 9001:2015 is a widespread standard for quality management – also and espe-cially within the IT industry. As with every standard or best practice, quality manage-ment systems require a continuous improvement whose ...
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    • Graphical User Interface For Multi-Objective Decision Support 

      Keller, Benjamin (2016-07)
      Multi-objective problems arise in various fields of application. Generally there is not a single optimal solution to these kind of problems but a set of Pareto optimal solutions with relative trade-offs. Which solution is ...
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    • Variant Management for Software Applications for Public Administrations 

      Gryzlak, Karin (2016-07-22)
      Nowadays, software is getting more complex due to upcoming requirements from customers. It is therefore necessary to handle the variants of a software system’s different components and to know what customer uses which ...
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    • Adoption of Innovative Technology for Business Transformation with Big Data in an Oil and Gas Company in South Africa 

      Ballmert, Matthias (2017-01-31)
      Today, it is a known fact that Big Data (BD) lead to a competitive advantage for organisations. While several methodologies have been introduced to gain insights using BD, there is a lack in research regarding the adoption ...
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    • Modelling Language for Domain-Specific Decisions in Healthcare 

      Sibold, Pascal (2017-02-20)
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    • Load Control in Real Time Price Prediction 

      Arsi, Irisa (2017-06-20)
      Switzerland’s electricity consumption in 2014 was 59.3 TWh (Abrell, 2016) and continues to rise every year. As residential needs for electrical energy increase, so does the demand (Abrell, 2016; Filippini, 2011; IEA, 2012; ...
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