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dc.contributor.authorWitschel, Hans Friedrich
dc.contributor.authorHu, Bo
dc.contributor.authorRiss, Uwe
dc.contributor.authorThönssen, Barbara
dc.contributor.authorBrun, Roman
dc.contributor.authorMartin, Andreas
dc.contributor.authorHinkelmann, Knut
dc.description.abstractWe introduce a new approach supporting knowledge workers in sharing process-related knowledge. It is based on the insight that while offering valuable context information traditional business process modelling approaches are too rigid and inflexible to capture the actual way processes are executed. Therefore, business process models are made agile and open for changes during execution. To achieve this, the strict distinction between build time modelling and run time execution are softened and process activities are represented to the users in a way that allows for individual adaptations. That can be done by attaching resources, commenting on an issue or adding problems and solutions to an activity or process. In addition activities can be delegated or new (sub-)activities can be added. Thus, the model can adapt to the reality of actual process executions and valuable resources and experiences are proactively presented to users in the right context. A double-staged approach is chosen to apply the model in the real application scenario of an university.
dc.subject.ddc330 - Wirtschaft
dc.subject.ddc005 - Computer Programmierung, Programme und Daten
dc.titleA Collaborative Approach to Maturing Process-related Knowledge
dc.type04 - Beitrag Sammelband oder Konferenzschrift
dc.spatialNew York City
dc.event8th International Conference on Business Process Management (BPM 2010)
fhnw.ReviewTypeKein Peer Review

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