• A diffusing wave spectroscopy study of pharmaceutical emulsions for physical stability assessment 

      Niederquell, Andreas; Machado, Alexandra H.E.; Kuentz, Martin (2017)
      International Journal of Pharmaceutics
      Emulsions are broadly used in pharmaceutics either as intermediate products or as final dosage forms. Such disperse systems are only kinetically stabilized and therefore early detection of physical instability is highly ...
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    • A microstructural study of water effects in lipid-based pharmaceutical formulations for liquid filling of capsules 

      Machado, Alexandra H.E.; Kokubo, Tohru; Dujovny, Gabriela; Jones, Brian; Scialdone, Claudio; Bravo, Roberto; Kuentz, Martin (2016-07-30)
      European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
      Water is known to exhibit pronounced effects on lipid-based formulations (LBFs) and much research has focused on aqueous dispersion and dilution behavior regarding biopharmaceutical performance. From a product quality ...
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