• Prediction and Adaption in Science|Environment|Health Contexts 

      Zeyer, Albert; Álvaro, Nuria; Arnold, Julia; Bauer, Deidre; Devetak, Iztok; Devetak, Sonja Posega; Gavidia, Valentin; Kremer, Kerstin; Mayoral, Olga; Tajnšek, Tina Vesel; Keselman, Alla (2021)
      Engaging with Contemporary Challenges through Science Education Research: Selected papers from the ESERA 2019 Conference
      The term Science|Environment|Health (S|E|H) stands for a pedagogy of mutual benefit between science education, environmental education, and health education. Complexity is an important aspect of most S|E|H issues. In the ...
      04B - Beitrag Konferenzschrift