• Influence of the reed flow on the intonation of the clarinet 

      Taillard, Pierre-André; Dalmont, Jean-Pierre; Guillemain, Philippe (2012)
      11ème Congrès Français d'Acoustique
      The playing frequency of a reed instrument is generally mainly imposed by the resonator. Nevertheless, numerous other factors have an influence on the playing frequency. Among those, the volume velocity pulsated by the ...
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    • Scraping technique for clarinet reeds derived from a static bending 

      Taillard, Pierre-André; Dalmont, Jean-Pierre (2012-04-26)
      Reed scraping is an art mastered only by a few clarinettists. The published empirical methods do not agree on how to determine where to scrape. In order to understand the problematic more clearly, a purely mechanical ...
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    • Statistical Estimation of Mechanical Parameters of Clarinet Reeds Using Experimental and Numerical Approaches 

      Taillard, Pierre-André; Gross, Michel; Dalmont, Jean-Pierre; Kergomard, Jean; Laloë, Franck (2014)
      Acta Acustica united with Acustica
      A set of 55 clarinet reeds is observed by holography, collecting 2 series of measurements made under 2 different moisture contents, from which the resonance frequencies of the 15 first modes are deduced. A statistical ...
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