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    • Architectonic Studies of Radio Signals: Reorganizing Archives of Data/Natures In Their Own Terms 

      Savic, Selena (2020-08-18)
      As we slowly accustom to thinking about planetary issues through the notion of ‘assemblage’ rather than that of the ‘system’, we get better at acknowledging complex entanglements between living and inert, between social ...
      06 - Präsentation
    • Articulating nomadic identities of radio signals 

      Savic, Selena (2022-02-25)
      Matter: Journal of New Materialist Research
      This article presents a new materialist approach to artificial neural networks, based on experimental research in categorization of data on radio signals. Picking up on Rossi Braidotti’s nomadic theory and a number of new ...
      01A - Beitrag in wissenschaftlicher Zeitschrift
    • Articulating Politics with Design and Technology: Public Space, Computation and Commoning 

      Savic, Selena; Miyazaki, Shintaro (2020)
      If artefacts can have politics (Winner, 1980), and scientific hypotheses can be shaped by political forces (Prigogine and Stengers, 1984) where does this politics come from? Whether we are in autocratic politics or in ...
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    • Artikulacija zajedničkog kroz dizajn in tehnologiju: javni prostor, tehnokratija i kompjuterski modeli za promisljanje zajedničkog 

      Savic, Selena (2019)
      Ka drugačijem gradu
      Design, participation and decision making intersect at different moments and in different models of political determination and decision making. From autocratic to horizontal decision making based on consensus, design and ...
      04 - Beitrag Sammelband oder Konferenzschrift
    • Ämtli Manager Report. Focus: observing the point where stress and amount of resting time curves invert 

      Savic, Selena (2019-04-08)
      05 - Forschungs- oder Arbeitsbericht
    • CAD optimism. How Architects Interested in Media and Computation Talk about Design 

      Savic, Selena (2021-10-09)
      "Great new design" is a phrase that emerges from simple counting of words in social media discourse among architects and designers working with computation and interactive technologies. With an underlying concern for the ...
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    • Critical Media Lab 

      Bedö, Viktor; Savic, Selena; Allen, Jamie; Greiner-Petter, Moritz; Kolb, Lucie; Suess, Solveig; Sobecka, Karolina; Martins, Yann Patrick; Torpus, Jan-Lewe; Hertrich, Susanna; Gerloff, Felix; Rottmann, Michael; Chatterjee, Sria; Frei, Lena; Spindler, Cedric; Küffer, Christoph; Kellner, Sophie Stephanie; Verjat, Benoit; Messell, Tania; Navarro, José Javier; Riegler, Maja; Popper, Joseph
      00 - Projekt
    • Delegating Management, Augmenting the Mind: What could be the role for technology in commoning practices? 

      Savic, Selena (2020)
      free/libre Technologies, Arts and the Commons. An Unconference about Art, Design, Technology, Making, Cities and their Communities
      In 1974, French feminist writer Françoise D' Eaubonne identified two threats to humanity: the destruction of the environment and overpopulation (d’Eaubonne, 1974). “Feminism or death”, she proclaimed alarmingly. The oil ...
      04 - Beitrag Sammelband oder Konferenzschrift
    • Denk-Spielzeug für Commoning. Alternative Stadt-Nachbarschaften als Forschungsfeld einer experimentell-transformativen Mediengestaltung 

      Bedö, Viktor; Büsse, Michaela; Savic, Selena; Martins, Yann Patrick; Bolsinger, Kayla
      Gemeinschaftlich-nachhaltig genutzte Ressourcen, wie etwa Lebensmittel oder kommunikative Infrastrukturen wie Wifi, werden Commons genannt. Commoning meint die Aktivität des gemeinsamen Teilens dieser Ressourcen. Der durch ...
      00 - Projekt
    • Denkspielzeug für Commoning 

      Savic, Selena
      Die gemeinschaftlich-nachhaltige Nutzung und Organisation von Ressourcen ist komplex. Mit einem Fokus auf alternativ-utopisch inspirierte Stadt-Nachbarschaften in der Schweiz schlägt das Forschungsprojekt eine exemplarische ...
      00 - Projekt
    • Es wird ungemütlich. Unpleasant Design in der Stadt 

      Savic, Selena; Savicic, Gordan (2021-04)
      Der Architekt
      Unpleasant Design (unangenehmes Design) ist jede absichtlich eingesetzte Gestaltungsform und jeder Gegenstand oder Effekt, der die Nutzung von Gegenständen oder Räumen für eine bestimmte Gruppe von Menschen unmöglich oder ...
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    • Feminist Hackerspace as a Place of Infrastructure Production 

      Savic, Selena; Wuschitz, Stefanie (2018-04)
      Ada (Eugene): a journal of gender, new media and technology
      Work in a (feminist) hackerspace relies on the circulation of knowledge and availability of hardware. In contemporary maker scene, the majority of these resources is created in male-dominated circles and handed over to ...
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    • Making Arguments with Data 

      Savic, Selena; Martins, Yann Patrick; Kargin, Fatma
      Whether we are discussing measures in order to ‘flatten the curve’ in a pandemic, or what to wear given the most recent weather forecast, we base arguments on patterns observed in data. With this teaching research project, ...
      00 - Projekt
    • Making Arguments with Data 

      Savic, Selena; Martins, Yann Patrick (2022-06-09)
      Whether we are discussing measures in order to ‘flatten the curve’ in the ongoing pandemic, or what to wear in face of the most recent weather forecast, we make arguments based on patterns and trends observed in data. What ...
      06 - Präsentation
    • Modulating matters of computation, modelling and hyper-separations 

      Savic, Selena; Miyazaki, Shintaro (2021-09)
      Proceedings of Politics of the machines - Rogue Research 2021
      We engage in a conversation with critical ecofeminism, which proposed to transform the colonialism-racism-capitalism-patriarchalism induced environmental crisis by non-essentialist countering of oppressions and hyper-separations ...
      04B - Beitrag Konferenzschrift
    • Modulating Matters of Computation, Modelling and Hyper-Separations 

      Savic, Selena; Miyazaki, Shintaro (2021-09-15)
      We engage in a conversation with critical ecofeminism, which proposes to transform the colonialism-racism-capitalism-patriarchalism induced environmental crisis by a non-essentialist countering of oppressions and ...
      06 - Präsentation
    • Politics and the City: Introduction to Special Issue 

      Savic, Selena (2020-11-17)
      Contour. Journal for interdisciplinary research in architecture, urban design and planning
      The challenge of this special issue in finding words and coming to terms with contemporary city and contemporary politics is amplified by the difficulty to pin point what and where exactly a city is and how can we perceive ...
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    • Pollution topologies. Can extinction have measure? 

      Savic, Selena (2022-03-01)
      This text is a parable on extinction and pollution and how they can be measured. In Inanimate Species, Joana Moll expresses extinction and pollution[1] quite literally in terms of analogy: the encroachment of microchips ...
      10 - Elektronische-/ Webpublikation
    • Radio Explorations: Computing Identities of Transmissions 

      Savic, Selena (2021-03-25)
      The SNSF-funded Radio Explorations project engages with a digital archive of radio signals (SIGID Wiki) collected by radio enthusiasts. Radio Explorations operate within the continuum of societal and technological concerns, ...
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    • Radio Explorations: Data Observatories of Environmental Radio Tranismissions 

      Savic, Selena; Savic, Selena (2021-03-25)
      The way we order things informs the way we understand and interact with the world, or attempt to design it. A data-driven approach promises to treat the world with computational objectivity. Taken at face value, it ...
      06 - Präsentation