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    • A UHPLC–MS/MS method for the quantification of 7α-hydroxy-4-cholesten-3-one to assist in diagnosis of bile acid malabsorption 

      Prost, Jean-Christophe; Brunner, Félix; Grob, Christian; Berchtold, Christian; Schlotterbeck, Götz; Bovet, Cédric; Largiadèr, Carlo R.; Fiedler, Georg Martin; Juillerat, Pascal (2017-01)
      Clinical Mass Spectrometry
      Bile acids malabsorption (BAM) is encountered in numerous gastrointestinal pathologies and is a good example of a treatable cause of watery diarrhea after ileal resection. The gold standard for diagnosing BAM is the selenium ...
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    • Altered (neo-) lacto series glycolipid biosynthesis impairs α2-6 sialylation on N-glycoproteins in ovarian cancer cells 

      Alam, Shahidul; Anugraham, Merrina; Huang, Yen-Lin; Kohler, Reto; Hettich, Timm; Winkelbach, Katharina; Grether, Yasmin; Nunez Lopez, Monica; Khasbiullina, Nailia; Bovin, Nicolai V.; Schlotterbeck, Götz; Jacob, Francis (2017-03-30)
      Scientific Reports
      The (neo-) lacto series glycosphingolipids (nsGSLs) comprise of glycan epitopes that are present as blood group antigens, act as primary receptors for human pathogens and are also increasingly associated with malignant ...
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    • An Acute Ocfentanil Fatality: A Case Report with Postmortem Concentrations 

      Dussy, Franz; Hangartner, Sarah; Hamberg, Cornelia; Berchtold, Christoph; Scherer, Ulrich; Schlotterbeck, Götz; Wyler, David; Briellmann, Thomas (2016)
      Journal of Analytical Toxicology
      A 24-year-old man known to consume illegal drugs was found dead in his apartment. A reclosable plastic zipper bag containing several hundred milligrams of a brown powder was found close to the dead body and the first ...
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    • Antimicrobial Polyethylene through Melt Compounding with Quaternary Ammonium Salts 

      Rossetti, Fernanda; Siegmann, Konstantin; Köser, Joachim; Wegner, Irene; Keskin, Ismail; Schlotterbeck, Götz; Winkler, Martin (2017-04)
      International Journal of Polymer Science
      Selected mono- and bicationic quats were compounded with polyethylene. The physicochemical surface properties, leaching behavior, and antibacterial activity of such modified samples were investigated. Contact angle ...
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    • Automated chiral method screening. Evaluation of generated chromatographic data sets to further optimize screening efficiency 

      Freund, Ernst; Meyer, Daniel; Schneider, Nadine; Lozach, Marie-Anne; Schröder, Harald; Cinar, Catagay; Schlotterbeck, Götz; Wagner, Trixie (2021-05-10)
      Journal of Chromatography A
      We set up an automated screening process to routinely test 10 chiral supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC) methods - five columns combined with two co-solvents - as part of a chiral separation lab workflow. Proprietary ...
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    • Caco-2 Permeability Studies and In Vitro hERG Liability Assessment of Tryptanthrin and Indolinone 

      Jähne, Evelyn A.; Eigenmann, Daniela E.; Moradi-Afrapoli, Fahimeh; Verjee, Sheela; Butterweck, Veronika; Hebeisen, Simon; Hettich, Timm; Schlotterbeck, Götz; Smiesko, Martin; Hamburger, Matthias; Oufir, Mouhssin (2016)
      Planta Medica
      Tryptanthrin and (E,​Z)​-​3-​(4-​hydroxy-​3,​5-​dimethoxybenzylidene)​indolinone (indolinone) were recently isolated from Isatis tinctoria as potent anti-​inflammatory and antiallergic alkaloids, and shown to inhibit COX-​2, ...
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    • Effect of a chronic Intake of the natural sweeteners Xylitol and Erythritol on glucose absorption in humans with obesity 

      Bordier, Valentine; Teysseire, Fabienne; Schlotterbeck, Götz; Beglinger, Christoph; Meyer-Gerspach, Anne-Christin; Wölnerhanssen, Bettina; Senner, Frank (2021-11-05)
      In patients with obesity, accelerated nutrients absorption is observed. Xylitol and erythritol are of interest as alternative sweeteners, and it has been shown in rodent models that their acute in- gestion reduces ...
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    • Epigenetic activation of MGAT3 and corresponding bisecting GlcNAc shortens the survival of cancer patients 

      Kohler, Reto; Anugraham, Merrina; Nunez Lopez, Monica; Xiao, Christina; Schoetzau, Andreas; Hettich, Timm; Schlotterbeck, Götz; Fedier, André; Jacob, Francis; Heinzelmann-Schwarz, Viola (2016-07-12)
      Bisecting GlcNAc on N-glycoproteins is described in E-cadherin-, EGF-, Wnt- and integrin- cancer-associated signaling pathways. However, the mechanisms regulating bisecting GlcNAc expression are not clear. Bisecting ...
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    • Extended and Fully Automated Newborn Screening Method for Mass Spectrometry Detection 

      Gaugler, Stephan; Rykl, Jana; Wagner, Irene; von Däniken, Tamara; Fingerhut, Ralph; Schlotterbeck, Götz (2017-12)
      International Journal of Neonatal Screening
      A new and fully automated newborn screening method for mass spectrometry was introduced in this paper. Pathological relevant amino acids, acylcarnitines, and certain steroids are detected within 4 min per sample. Each ...
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    • GABAA receptor activity modulating piperine analogs: In vitro metabolic stability, metabolite identification, CYP450 reaction phenotyping, and protein binding 

      Zabela, Volha; Hettich, Timm; Schlotterbeck, Götz; Wimmer, Laurin; Mihovilovic D., Marko; Guillet, Fabrice; Belkacem, Bouaita; Shevchenko, Bénédicte; Hamburger, Matthias; Oufir, Mouhssin (2017-12)
      Journal of chromatography. B, Analytical technologies in the biomedical and life sciences
      In a screening of natural products for allosteric modulators of GABAA receptors (γ-aminobutyric acid type A receptor), piperine was identified as a compound targeting a benzodiazepine-independent binding site. Given that ...
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    • Metabolic Profiling 

      Berchtold, Christian; Hettich, Timm; Schlotterbeck, Götz; Senner, Frank (2015)
      GIT Labor Fachzeitschrift
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    • Metabolomic Abnormalities in Serum from Untreated and Treated Dogs with Hyper- and Hypoadrenocorticism 

      Imbery, Carolin Anna; Dieterle, Frank; Ottka, Claudia; Weber, Corinna; Müller, Elisabeth; Lohi, Hannes; Giger, Urs; Schlotterbeck, Götz (2022-04-09)
      The adrenal glands play a major role in metabolic processes, and both excess and insufficient serum cortisol concentrations can lead to serious metabolic consequences. Hyper- and hypoadrenocorticism represent a diagnostic ...
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    • Metabolomic serum abnormalities in dogs with hepatopathies 

      Imbery, Carolin A.; Dieterle, Frank; Ottka, Claudia; Weber, Corinna; Müller, Elisabeth; Lohi, Hannes; Giger, Urs; Schlotterbeck, Götz (2022-03-29)
      Scientific Reports
      Hepatopathies can cause major metabolic abnormalities in humans and animals. This study examined differences in serum metabolomic parameters and patterns in left-over serum samples from dogs with either congenital portosystemic ...
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    • Method Development For High-Throughput LC/MS With Minimized Carry Over 

      Schlotterbeck, Götz (2015)
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    • Minimizing carry-over for high throughput analysis 

      Schlotterbeck, Götz; Berchtold, Christian; Böhm, Günter; Reto, Bolliger (2015)
      International Symposium on High Performance Liquid Phase Separations (HPLC)
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    • Novel Analytical Workflow for Comprehensive 

      Hettich, Timm; Schlotterbeck, Götz (2015)
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    • Validation of a simple and sensitive method for the quantification of the bile acid 7?-Hydroxy-4-cholesten-3-one (C4), (Poster) 

      Berchtold, Christian; Schlotterbeck, Götz; Bovet, Cédric; Prost, Jean-Christophe; Grob, Christian (2015)
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    • Whole-genome sequence-informed MALDI-TOF MS diagnostics reveal importance of Klebsiella oxytoca group in invasive infections: a retrospective clinical study 

      Cuenod, Aline; Wüthrich, Daniel; Seth-Smith, Helena; Ott, Chantal; Gehringer, Christian; Foucaul, Frederic; Mouchet, Roxanne; Kassim, Ali; Revathi, Gunturu; Vogt, Deborah; von Felten, Stefanie; Bassetti, Stefano; Tschudin-Sutter, Sarah; Hettich, Timm; Schlotterbeck, Götz; Homberger, Christina; Casanova, Carlo; Moran-Gilad, Jakob; Sagi, Orli; Rodriguez-Sanchez, Belen; Müller, Franco; Aerni, Martina; Gaia, Valeria; van Dessel, Helke; Kampinga, Greetje; Müller, Claudia; Daubenberger, Claudia; Pflüger, Valentin; Egli, Adrian (2021)
      Genome Medicine
      Background Klebsiella spp. are opportunistic pathogens which can cause severe infections, are often multi-drug resistant and are a common cause of hospital-acquired infections. Multiple new Klebsiella species have recently ...
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