• Biomimetic Remineralization of Carious Lesions by Self-Assembling Peptide 

      Kind, Lucy; Stevanovic, Sabrina; Wuttig, Sina; Wimberger, Sandra; Hofer, Joëlle; Müller, Bert; Pieles, Uwe (2017-03-27)
      Journal of Dental Research
      Self-assembling β-sheet forming peptide P11-4 has shown potential in the treatment and prevention of dental caries by supporting tissue regeneration. It has previously been shown that application of monomeric P11-4 solution ...
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    • Self-Assembling Peptide Matrix for treatment of dentin hypersensitivity: A randomized controlled clinical tria 

      Schlee, Markus; Rathe, Florian; Bommer, Claudine; Kind, Lucy (2018-03)
      Journal of Periodontology
      Patient-reported dentin hypersensitivity [DHS] pain is a common finding linked with periodontal disease. This pilot clinical study investigates a novel therapeutic regimen using self-assembling peptide matrix [SAPM] gel ...
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