• 3D printed microfluidic modules. Passive mixers and cells encapsulation in alginate 

      Dalcanale, Federico; Caj, Michaela; Schuler, Felix; Ganeshanathan, Kireedan; Suter-Dick, Laura (2022-09-02)
      Current Directions in Biomedical Engineering
      Passive mixers and droplet generation microfluidic chip modules were designed and manufactured using a commercial SLA 3D-printer. The mixing modules were designed specifically for 3D-printing and evaluated using FEM modeling. ...
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    • Combining Extracellular miRNA Determination with Microfluidic 3D Cell Cultures for the Assessment of Nephrotoxicity: a Proof of Concept Study 

      Suter-Dick, Laura; Mauch, Linda; Caj, Michaela; Vormann, Marianne K.; Hutter, Simon; Lanz, Henriette; Wilmer, Martijn; Ramp, Daniela; Masereeuw, Rosalinde; Vriend, Jelle (2018-07)
      The APPS Journal
      Drug-induced kidney injury is often observed in the clinics and can lead to long-term organ failure. In this work, we evaluated a novel in vitro system that aims at detecting whether compounds can cause renal proximal ...
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    • Implementation of a human renal proximal tubule on a chip for nephrotoxicity and drug interaction studies 

      Suter-Dick, Laura; Caj, Michaela; Hutter, Simon; Vormann, Marianne; Vriend, Jelle; Lanz, Henriette; Gijzen, Linda; van den Heuvel, Angelique; Joore, Jos; Trietsch, Sebastian; Stuut, Christaan; Nieskens, Tom T.G.; Peters, Janny; Ramp, Daniela; Russel, Frans; Roth, Adrian; Lu, Shuyan; Polli, Joseph; Jacobsen, Björn (2021-04-04)
      Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
      Proximal tubule epithelial cells (PTEC) are susceptible to drug-induced kidney injury (DIKI). Cell-based, two-dimensional (2D) in vitro PTEC models are often poor predictors of DIKI, probably due to the lack of physiological ...
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    • Single Cell Gene Expression analysis in a 3D microtissue liver model reveals cell type-specific responses to pro-fibrotic TGF-β1 stimulation 

      Messner, Catherine; Babrak, Lmar; Titolo, Gaia; Caj, Michaela; Miho, Enkelejda; Suter-Dick, Laura (2021-04-22)
      International Journal of Molecular Sciences
      3D cell culture systems are widely used to study disease mechanisms and therapeutic interventions. Multicellular liver microtissues (MTs) comprising HepaRG, hTERT-HSC and THP-1 maintain multicellular interactions and ...
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