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    • Aeolian Technology 

      Allen, Jamie (2022)
      A talk for the "In the Wind" sessions of Anant National University Design programme, relating environmental art, design to principles and ideas of elemental media, ecological and material philosophy, and the history of ...
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    • The Aesthetics of (Para)Academic Practice 

      Allen, Jamie (2012)
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    • Annotating Feminism 

      Kolb, Lucie; Allen, Jamie (2019-05-07)
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    • Apocryphal Technologies. Trials of the Engineered Imaginary 

      Allen, Jamie (2014)
      For the occasion of the Zeitigung von Medien workshop, this keynote lecture Trials of the Engineered Imaginary examines how technology presents itself as the forward image of our desires, and how these forward movements ...
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    • Approaches to audiovisual media in the scholarly body 

      Verbruggen, Erwin; Allen, Jamie (2013)
      Force11 (the Future of Research Communications and e-Scholarship) is a virtual community working to transform scholarly communications toward improved knowledge creation and sharing. The Beyond the PDF conference brings ...
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    • Archive Earth: Ambiguous Conversations and Conversions 

      Allen, Jamie (2021-04-15)
      For the journal Roadsides, Archive Earth is a visual and textual essay that explores Earth as a home, a resource for industry and markets, a repository for traces of conjoined natural and human histories, and a laboratory ...
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    • An Art and Technology of Understanding 

      Allen, Jamie (2011)
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    • Being Eaten 

      Allen, Jamie (2022)
      Of the concerns of the project of Western, modern design, archi- tecture and culture, procuring food for ourselves and keeping ourselves from becoming food for other creatures, is central amongst them. How we eat and ...
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    • Beyond the Media Reveal 

      Allen, Jamie (2020-06-26)
      The ‘media reveal’ is a perspective and gesture of art and media-making, theory and writing. It is a staging of continuous surprises – reveals – that always attempt to denature and remove supposed myths and illusions from ...
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    • Can Hope be Calculated? Multiplying and Dividing Carbon, before and after Corona 

      Allen, Jamie (2021-03-03)
      A Nourishing Network
      Can Hope be Calculated? Multiplying and Dividing Carbon, before and after Corona is a piece of writing for the A Nourishing Network publishing project that documents and circulates current research done by a network of ...
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    • Capricious Characters of the Community: Let’s see how this plays out 

      Kolb, Lucie; Garnicnig, Bernhard; Allen, Jamie (2019-04)
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    • China, Technology, Planetary Futures: Lessons for a World in Crisis? 

      Allen, Jamie (2020)
      Two issues are set to become increasingly central in coming decades. First and foremost, amidst the Anthropocene, are issues of environmental crisis at planetary scale, and what this means for a global economy and associated ...
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    • Civic Ecologies 

      Allen, Jamie (2022)
      Civic Ecologies is a workshop and research approach towards rendering more accessible, understandable and changeable the vast array of interconnected, material relations that underly modern urban life, cross-culturally and ...
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    • Conference of the Public: CoCreating Article 6 

      Allen, Jamie; Sobecka, Karolina (2019)
      Conference of the Public: CoCreating Article 6 is a workshop taking place prior to the COP 25 Santiago Climate Change Conference in December 2019. Developed collaboration with Karolina Sobecka, and with workshop participants, ...
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    • Could this Be What It looks like? Lifelike Art and Art-and-technology Practice (I si això fos el que sembla? Art que imita la vida i pràctica artística tecnològica) 

      Allen, Jamie (2011)
      For more than ten years, a number of archival and curatorial projects have mapped out a trajectory of art-historical roots for the values and practices of new media arts, its conventions and institutions. These accounts ...
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    • 'Counter-conscious’ Ways of Life 

      Allen, Jamie; Garnicnig, Bernhard; Kolb, Lucie (2019)
      Artwork as Institution
      In his opening address to the symposium Art Creating Society at the Museum of Modern Art Oxford in 1990, Stephen Willats compelled participants and the audience to contribute their viewpoints on the development of a new ...
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    • Creative Ecologies in Action: Technology & the Workshop-as-Artwork 

      Clarke, Rachel; Galani, Areti; Wajda, Kamila; Allen, Jamie (2011)
      A shift is occurring, particularly evident in art-and-technology contexts, in which the artist-led workshop is transformed into an important and distinguishable artistic form. Resulting from, and contributing to, the new ...
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    • Creative Ecologies in Action: Technology and the Workshop-as-artwork 

      Clarke, Rachel; Galani, Areti; Wajda, Kamila; Allen, Jamie (2013)
      Proceedings of the 19th International Symposium on Electronic Art, ISEA2013
      As practice-theory orientations the arts and sciences have often seemed juxtaposed. We are interested in how a new generation of artist-scientists think, operate and communicate. We argue that it is crucial to find new ...
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    • Creativity and Community in the Middle of Nowhere 

      Allen, Jamie (2022)
      Bordergrounds is an arrival conversation and discussion hosted in the context of the Crossings festival, a 7 day event of workshops and exchanges hosted by La Rivioluzione delle Seppie. Somewhere between centres, practices ...
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