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    • Headwaters at the Head Waters 

      Allen, Jamie (2019-08-29)
      Anthropocene Curriculum
      The “precise” geographical location of a river’s source is a label attributed much significance across a range of disciplinary contexts. Yet, as the example of the Mississippi asserts, the headwaters designation is typically ...
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    • Histories of White Ecologies, Gratitudes for Black Ecologies 

      Allen, Jamie (2022)
      Prepared collaboratively with architectural historian Daniel A. Barber, Histories of White Ecologies, Gratitudes for Black Ecologies points to white supremacists tropes, histories and customs within the natural science of ...
      01B - Beitrag in Magazin oder Zeitung
    • How to be (Ir)rational 

      Carver, Louise Emily; Allen, Jamie (2019)
      Almanac for the Beyond
      Almanac readers perennially write in to request advice. They want to know how to predict futures, and the terms of trade that might be available. This guide moves through the changing, strange nature of exchange in times ...
      04A - Beitrag Sammelband
    • How to Build a Lie 

      Allen, Jamie; Greiner-Petter, Moritz (2016)
      “How to Build a Lie” is a lecture/video by Jamie Allen and Moritz Greiner-Petter, the final part of an apocryphal technologies artistic research project into media objects and technologies associated with “lie ...
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    • How to Build a Lie 

      Allen, Jamie (2016)
      Literary Nonfiction. Art. Hybrid Genre. HOW TO BUILD A LIE experiments with "artistic research practice" that tries to escape disciplinary boundaries and look to as many aspects of a single technology, media, or topic as ...
      02 - Monographie
    • How to Build a Lie 

      Allen, Jamie; Greiner-Petter, Moritz (2020)
      Dans leur conférence-performance, Jamie Allen et Moritz Greiner-Petter auscultent le "détecteur de mensonge", dispositif utilisé par les services de police et les assurances prétendument capable de décrypter dans le stress ...
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    • How to deal with the leftovers? 

      Caviezel, Flavia; Bürgin, Mirjam; Volkart Schmidt, Yvonne (2017-09-05)
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    • How to talk on serious matters of complexity with models as agents – A speculative essay on artistic research 

      Miyazaki, Shintaro (2016)
      Journal for Research Cultures
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    • Human Potential Movement 

      Allen, Jamie (2009)
      Human Potential Movement is a durational, performative mediation on the extractive nature of human life, and on the ridiculousness of 'sustainability' as a goal and concept. The project is constituted by a bicyclist, a ...
      14 - Ausstellungsbeitrag
    • Hustle, Grind & Flow 

      Kellermeyer, Jonas; Allen, Jamie (2022)
      As relations central to our own work, time, labour, identity and media practices, we attempt to trace how new media-aesthetics and -concepts (memes) are changing work, life and sleep. The pressing challenge of the present: ...
      06 - Präsentation
    • Hustle, Grind and Sleep 

      Allen, Jamie; Kellermeyer, Jonas (2022)
      The Posthumanist
      We work endlessly. Whether it be justified by love,money, or both, it seems clear that the popular imaginary and contemporary conditions of the industrialised West are arranged such that there is always more work to do. ...
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