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    • Radical Presence – Radical Presents 

      Kolb, Lucie; Rassel, Laurence; Pregger, Laura; Oswald, Cheyenne; Kelemen, Tena; Bruder, Johannes (2019-12-04)
      06 - Präsentation
    • Radio Explorations: Computing Identities of Transmissions 

      Savic, Selena (2021-03-25)
      The SNSF-funded Radio Explorations project engages with a digital archive of radio signals (SIGID Wiki) collected by radio enthusiasts. Radio Explorations operate within the continuum of societal and technological concerns, ...
      06 - Präsentation
    • Radio Explorations: Data Observatories of Environmental Radio Tranismissions 

      Savic, Selena; Savic, Selena (2021-03-25)
      The way we order things informs the way we understand and interact with the world, or attempt to design it. A data-driven approach promises to treat the world with computational objectivity. Taken at face value, it ...
      06 - Präsentation
    • Rapid Street Game Design: Prototyping Laboratory for Urban Change 

      Bedö, Viktor (2019)
      The Hackable City: Digital Media and Collaborative City-Making in the Network Society
      Street games are predominantly physical games played in the streets, incorporating the built urban environment, spatial layout, social and political char- acteristics of urban sites into the gameplay. This paper outlines ...
      04 - Beitrag Sammelband oder Konferenzschrift
    • Re-Imagining Commoning Infrastructures and Economies 

      Bedö, Viktor; Miyazaki, Shintaro (2021-03-26)
      It is overwhelming to think there are no alternatives or the system is too big for design to generate impact. Commoning is seen as an alternative socio-technic and technological possibility of sensing and computing power ...
      06 - Präsentation
    • Realtime Real Time 

      Allen, Jamie (2010)
      Art-historical chronicles of new media art often invoke a set of conceptual underpinnings instigated in art movements that are themselves defined by lukewarm or combative relationships with art history, its cannon and ...
      06 - Präsentation
    • Recomposing the E-Meter 

      Allen, Jamie; Miyazaki, Shintaro (2015)
      Focusing on the example of the E-meter, an electrical instrument used in Church of Scientology ‘audits’, Recomposing the E-meter is a practical hardware workshop and conceptual inquiry into the heterogeneous discourses ...
      06 - Präsentation
    • Reconsidering experiential knowledge in the relation of art and science practices 

      Sondergaard, Morten; Allen, Jamie (2013)
      Proceedings of the 19th International Symposium on Electronic Art, ISEA2013
      As practice-theory orientations the arts and sciences have often seemed juxtaposed. We are interested in how a new generation of artist-scientists think, operate and communicate. We argue that it is crucial to find new ...
      04B - Beitrag Konferenzschrift
    • Refractive Index 

      Allen, Jamie (2012)
      FutureEverything 2012
      Refractive Index is a visual media essay and compositional about the environmental and ecological impacts of large scale media. Site-specific software creates a digital camera obscura, and in a series of late night ...
      14 - Ausstellungsbeitrag
    • Reproducing Motherhood 

      continent, continent; Allen, Jamie (2018)
      Reproducing at L’Automatica, Barcelona is a week of reading, discussions, writing and making in the Catalan capital about maternity, as a mode of creation, care, and continuance. A collaboration between two experimental, ...
      06 - Präsentation
    • Reptile Brain 

      Carver, Louise Emily; Allen, Jamie (2022)
      Chimeras: Inventory of Synthetic Cognition
      Chimeras. Inventory of Synthetic Cognition is a collective glossary on Artificial Intelligence exploring the synthetic nature of cognition from a variety of perspectives: interspecies, crip, monstrous, feminist, distributed, ...
      04A - Beitrag Sammelband
    • Reset Modernity 

      Mareis, Claudia; Bruder, Johannes; Greiner-Petter, Moritz; Allen, Jamie; Caviezel, Flavia (2016-04-04)
      Design research and concept development for the exhibition Reset Modernity!
      07 - Konzert/ Audio- oder Videomaterial
    • Resonator: A Larger Vibrational Continuum of Sound Art Practice 

      Schrimshaw, Will; Allen, Jamie (2010)
      In an open workshop structure, an incredible mix of sound artists, researchers, theologians, technologists and mystics are pitted and paired together to think about sonic environments across a materialist and spiritualist ...
      06 - Präsentation
    • RhyCycling. Ästhetik der Nachhaltigkeit im Basler Grenzraum 

      Bürgin, Mirjam; Mertens, Marion; Volkart Schmidt, Yvonne; Caminada, Anselm; Jörger, Theres; Koch, Oliver
      Hintergrund Der Rhein bildet als fliessender Grenzraum Gemeinde-, Kantons- und Landesgrenzen, von seinem Ursprung in Graubünden bis zum Meereseinfluss in Rotterdam. Er ist Wasser- und Stromlieferant, Lebens- und Arbeitsraum ...
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