• Environmental Machines, Datafied Earths 

      Suess, Solveig; Suess, Solveig (2021-01-29)
      The presentation will depart from the method of Geocinema, which is to examine infrastructures of earth-sensing data as forms of cinema. Drawing on their recent fieldwork on the Digital Belt and Road Initiative in China ...
      06 - Präsentation
    • Making of Earths 

      Suess, Solveig; Bazdyrieva, Asia (2021-06-06)
      To observe a total eclipse, one would need to be in the umbra, the darkest part of the shadow cast by an occluding body, the moon, over the main source of light, the sun. Green and eerie lavender shadows would settle as ...
      07 - Konzert/ Audio- oder Videomaterial