• Being Eaten 

      Allen, Jamie (2022)
      Of the concerns of the project of Western, modern design, archi- tecture and culture, procuring food for ourselves and keeping ourselves from becoming food for other creatures, is central amongst them. How we eat and ...
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    • Food Spectacles: Seeing Power, Eating Culture 

      Odunlami, Abbey; Allen, Jamie (2020)
      In collaboration with conceptual artist and media-maker Abbéy Odunlami the workshop Food Spectacles: Seeing Power, Eating Culture takes up interests in artistic tactics for the redesign of urban metabolism, industrial ...
      06 - Präsentation
    • Moving Food 

      Odunlami, Abbey; Allen, Jamie (2022)
      The workshop analyses contemporary food trends, ecological and infrastructural food systems relations, toward the development of artistic consumption and serving concepts, media communications, physical designs and ...
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    • Of Metabolic Myth 

      Allen, Jamie (2022)
      There are few areas of material culture from which people demand more authenticity, integrity and transparency than the techniques and materialities surrounding food. Foods materialise myths and imaginaries of nature and ...
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