• Effects of time on task, breaks, and target prevalence on screener performance in an X-ray image inspection task 

      Buser, Daniela; Sterchi, Yanik; Schwaninger, Adrian (2019)
      53rd IEEE International Carnahan Conference on Security Technology
      Currently, it is not clear how long security officers can maintain their performance when inspecting X-ray images of passenger bags for prohibited items. New technologies and working environments in airport security screening ...
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    • Expertise, automation and trust in X-ray screening of cabin baggage 

      Chavaillaz, Alain; Schwaninger, Adrian; Michel, Stefan; Sauer, Jürgen (2019)
      Frontiers in Psychology
      X-ray screening of passenger baggage is a key component in aviation security. The current study investigated how experts and novices performed in an X-ray baggage screening task while being assisted by an adaptable diagnostic ...
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