Allen, Jamie (2021-10-25)
      Kunst an den Rändern, Wie aus Bildern und Objekten Kunst werden kann
      Images are not born as art. With his ready-mades Marcel Duchamp embro-iled the art business in a debate about the inclusion and exclusion of every-day objects in ‘high’ art. Since then, it has been possible to cite Arthur ...
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    • Intelligence Has Always Been Artificial 

      Bruder, Johannes (2020)
      Queen's Quarterly
      It’s time to stop celebrating experiments, tests, and demos designed to show that there is one “real” form of intelligence. These have primarily been used to devalue “unskilled” human labour and to dehumanize those who are ...
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    • Intelligence IS Artificial. Beyond Post/Non/Other 

      Bruder, Johannes; Ganesh, Maya Indira (2019-06)
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