• Enquête sur les Directions d’École Suisses 2021 – Rapport synthétique 

      Tulowitzki, Pierre; Pietsch, Marcus; Progin, Laetitia; Berger, Jörg; Grigoleit, Ella; Sposato, Gloria Grazia (2022-01-27)
      Les directions d’école jouent un rôle important dans l’organisation et l’évolution des établissements scolaires. En même temps, il n’y a guère de résultats à l'échelle de toute la Suisse sur cette position centrale : ...
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    • Innovating teaching and instruction in turbulent times. The dynamics of principals’ exploration and exploitation activities 

      Pietsch, Marcus; Tulowitzki, Pierre; Cramer, Colin (2022-05-24)
      Journal of Educational Change
      In turbulent environments, schools have to adapt to constantly changing conditions. According to ambidexterity theory, whether they are successful in this primarily depends on their leaders and how they manage the tension ...
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    • Out-of-time managers? Educational leaders’ use of time in Switzerland 

      Tulowitzki, Pierre; Progin, Laetitia; Lee, Moosung (2021)
      How school principals use their time : implications for school improvement, administration and leadership
      Although school leadership is a relatively young topic in the Swiss context, there has been rapid development toward conceptualizing principalship as its own profession. Swiss school principals have their own dedicated ...
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    • The role of ICT for school leadership and management activities. An international comparison 

      Tulowitzki, Pierre; Gerick, Julia; Eickelmann, Birgit (2022-01-17)
      International Journal of Educational Management
      Information and communication technologies (ICT) has an increasing impact on schools. School leaders play a key role in this context as drivers of innovation including those related to ICT. Against this background, the ...
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