• A toolkit for personal health resources at the workplace 

      Schulte, Volker; Verkuil, Arie Hans (2015-05-31)
      31st International Congress on Occupational Health
      Strengthening personal health resources is an important aspect of "Health promotion at the workplace’’. Workplace Health Promotion (WHP) is the combined effort of employers, employees and society to improve the health ...
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    • Für eine neue Kultur der Pflege 

      Steinebach, Christoph; Schulte, Volker (2014-01)
      Innovative Palliative Care
      Eine Tour d'Horizon über alle aktuelle Fragen rund um das Thema Palliative Care
      04A - Beitrag Sammelband
    • Innovative perspectives on workplace health promotion across the lifespan. Psychological innovation and health related advocacy for Swiss UpStart SMEs 

      Schulte, Volker; Steinebach, Christoph; Verkuil, Arie Hans (2015-06-01)
      Global harmony for occupational health. Bridge the world. ICOH 31st International Congress on Occupational Health, May 31 - June 5 2015, Seoul, Korea
      Economic growth needs a new understanding and new concepts for sustainable health related advocacy. Corporate mental health approaches and workplace health promotion become an important goal of health promotion across ...
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