• Energy saving in smart homes based on consumer behaviour data 

      Zehnder, Michael (2015-01-31)
      This paper discusses how energy can be saved in smart homes without lowering the comfort of the inhabitants, based on consumer behaviour data only. A recommender system was designed, that suggests actions for inhabitants ...
      11 - Studentische Arbeit
    • Energy Trading in the Smart Stability Network 

      Mettler, Fabian (2015-01-30)
      The current implementation of the electrical grid has not changed since the last 50 years and due to the increase of energy demand the stability of the electrical grid is strongly affected which can result in power c ...
      11 - Studentische Arbeit
    • Event Data Sources for Enterprise Architecture Documentation 

      Frei, Michael (2015-02)
      Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) has become a widely accepted discipline that concerns itself with the alignment of business and information technology (IT) and deals with the increasing complexity of information ...
      11 - Studentische Arbeit